So for whatever reason, the other day I was thinking about Bettie Page, the former pin-up model.

Of course, hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about Bettie Page, I am after all a living, breathing man. Like so many other guys, I’ve wondered over the years what’s become of Bettie. The Wikipedia entry linked above explains that pretty well — well, the best it can given the information available. Anyway, at the end of the Wikipedia entry are links to two recent photographs taken of her. Here’s one:

That’s Bettie on the right, obviously Hugh Hefner is in the center there and the woman on the left is artist Olivia De Berardinis, who painted the Nurse Bettie picture that Hef is holding.

A closer look at Bettie? Sure:

She’s 80 years old in this picture. (It was taken in 2003.)
Not bad at all Bettie.

There really is no one quite like her these days. But her disappearance from the public eye sort of helped to solidify her in the hearts of fans. In the same way Marilyn Monroe died in her prime, and Jayne Mansfield as well, they live forever in our memories as young and beautiful. Bettie Page disappeared for decades, not allowing herself to be photographed at all, thus leaving us with the same impression as if she had died. All we have are the images of her as a young and magnificently beautiful model.

So how strange is it to see her now? At 80 years of age, mind you.

The best part is that she’s still beautiful.
Somehow I sort of knew that she would be.

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218 thoughts on “Bettie Page at 80 years old

  1. she is timelessly beautiful. and so natural looking … “beautiful” people these days scare me and they can’t seem to move their face.

    1. She was a definite beauty. Bettie had an extraordinary life and brought cheer to all of us that know beauty when it is there. My dad is going to miss her.I have a Bettie Page calendar for my dad every year, except this year. I have not been able to find one.

    2. MAY 30/10















      1. Nicole… maybe you should consult a dictionary before you insult someone, wrong or not, lest you make a fool of yourself as well.

      2. This response actually seems like it was typed by an older guy. Using ALL CAPS, gratuitous


        of thoughts, overuse of EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!

        I actually think this commenter is telling the truth due to the curious items I’ve listed above.

        ps – true or not, it’s still a hilarious comment.

  2. She’s 80 years old, with barely any wrinkles and glowing skin. She has DEFinitely had Botox and/or peels and/or a face lift and/or some other unnatural beauty treatment. Doesn’t mean she’s still not beautiful, though. Plus, she’s adorable in her flannel pajamas at a Playboy party.

  3. I think she looks radiant!
    I am not sure if she’s had work done or not
    She does look really good for 80.
    she looks natural to me though
    very good.

  4. She looks terrific!! I know some septo and octogenarians who don’t have hardly any wrinkles and who DID NOT have any procedures or botox. Yes, people, it is possible to look fabulous in your eighties without going under the knife. Quit being so cynical everyone!! She looks fabulous and just leave it at that!!

  5. Bettie Page is the greatest pin-up model in history. I first found out about her from my father (he was a big fan) and now I am obsessed with her. The Bettie Page movie comes to my area on May 5th and I can’t wait. She is simply the best there has ever been and I hope that she gets all of the praise that she deserves…I never get tired of looking at pictures of her in her glory days and wish her the best. By the way, thanks for the new picture – this was the first time that I had seen it.

  6. First of all, having read the revealing interview/article about Bettie in the L.A. Times, I am certain that Bettie has not had any plastic surgery of any kind. People who get work done do not shun the spotlight and refuse to be photographed for newspaper articles. Also, her face has the same fresh, natural look she’s always had. I live in Austin, Tex., and the Bettie look is very popular among the psychobilly crowd, whom I always found a bit pretentious – “Look at me–I’m so naughty and transgressive.” But the real nature of Ms. Page that shines through her photos, is, despite the horrors of her childhood and young adulthood, and the bondage photos she posed for, one of sunny optimism and a complete lack of shame or guile. Her natural hourglass figure, which is meatier and than the gym-honed figures of today, also helps me feel good about my body. I really like this lady. Thank you, Bettie!

  7. Holy crap! I cant believe how much she still looks the same. I mean my gradparents are the same age and they are almost unrecognizable from their pictures from the 40s and 50s.

  8. Today I was watching an E! True Hollywood Story about Bettie (Betty) Page and I got real interested in the question about what ever happened to her. I was only able to see enough of the show to know that she was alive but then I had to go back to work so I missed the end of the show. I got back to my hotel room and thought that I would do a web search on her. I use Copernic ( to do all of my Internet searches and I found the link here from Wikipedia. I read a few other pages and got a lot of information but the one thing I wanted to see was a recent photo of her. Well you provided me the result that I was looking for. Thanks.

    All I have to say is that she still looks pretty good at her old age and it reminds me of a comment a friend once told me.
    “I’d screw any woman 18 to 80
    And I don’t care if she is blind, crippled or crazy”
    Watch out Bettie, Ron is out there somewhere and he wants to put a notch with your name on it on his belt.

    Damn, thinking about it now, I know why he felt that way. After looking at Bettie I may have to review my standards. She’s 83 now and I get that vomit taste in my throat thinking about doing her but she still looks all right.

    I love her younger pictures.
    That’s about all I wanted to say about that.

  9. I have seen several older women of similar age who were blessed with good genes apparently. They have good skin and health. Usually they do not smoke or drink and have stayed active throughout their lives. One of my patients though having dementia and being in her 80s has the constitution and body of a 40 or 50 year old.

  10. wow! i finaly found a pix of my idol. ive been looking for this pix for a long time, bettie you look great!still beautifull like allways! best of wishes YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  11. Such a rare jem! If bettie had done what she did in 1950, in 2006 nobody would have noticed her. She’s a living legend and should be reconized as such…she should be immortilized
    somewhere in the world other than in the hearts of those that still love her!Too bad she can’t have a star on the hollywood walk of fame….
    I mean if big bird can ,,,why not bettie page? I come from the family that discovered
    monroe{conover} and yet my love will always be with bettie! Bravo for what she stood for then and what she stands for now. Bettie page your my hero!

  12. My own mother was born in August 1923 and I have to tell you, her face is as youthful as Bettie’s, mostly because of genes and an aversion to sunbathing. Plus she never smoked. She’s never had any work done — hates doctors in the first place, and thinks spending $$$ on cosmetic surgery is a waste. So I have every reason to believe Bettie is the real deal (cosmetically speaking!) She’s the real deal in every other sense of the word.

  13. I saw the “Notorious Bettie Page” movie today in Chicago with a group of friends and had a mixed reaction. While the director Mary Harron was faithful to the facts and Gretchen Mol did a fine job with a difficult role, I think something essential was missing. It’s not missing in the 2003 photo above, nor her classic 50’s photo sessions. Bettie’s no cookie cutter pinup icon and it might not be possible to ever duplicate her special recipe of wholesome sexuality and joy before the camera.

  14. She is the most Beautiful woman i have EVER seen! and she has no reason to be afraid of being photogralh! cause i think she as beautiful as ever!

    I love You Bettie Page!!

  15. She looks like she can pass for late 50’s early 60’s. Who knows if she’s had work done? But she still looks beautiful and I love the fact that she still puts on that red lipstick. Classic!

  16. i love you.. i must admit im obsessed with you. you are and always will be the most beautiful woman EVER.
    oh and my middle name is Mae too.
    i felt special when i found that out..
    have a spectacular day!


  17. I love Bettie Page so much. She will always be beautiful to me and the legions of her fans. Her classic bangs are to die for!I cut mine short like that because I think it’s sexy. I hope I look half as good as Bettie when I’m 80!!!

  18. She is lovely inside and out and has been a major inspiration in my life. True beauty comes from within and she exudes that. Yay we are both Taurus also which kicks major toosh:) I love you Bettie thank you for being a role model for me.

  19. Bettie is so timeless and classic..she’s looks fantastic! frankly i couldn’t care less if she had work done or not..she is a breathtakingly beautiful woman and if i look even half as good as she does at 80 when i’m 80 i will be a very happy person indeed. What i love about her pics w/ hugh is her smile and the natural glow she emits. She can still turn heads and light up a room. It just goes to show that true beauty is from within and just because you age it doesn’t mean you still can’t be beautiful. Her glow emanates from the inside out and that’s why she is so radiant. I love you Bettie!Please don’t be so shy to be photographed. You have nothing to worry about. You’re just lovely!

  20. She has been broke for decades. To those who say she has had a bunch of work done, trust me, should couldn’t have paid for those things. The woman has great genetics and has obviously taken care of herself.

  21. The pic on that link doesn’t even resemble her. pull the pics up side by side…not even the same facial features at all. She was and IS a remarkable beauty! Absolutely breathtaking!

  22. goose:
    The mug shot photos are no big secret. They are even on the cover of an unauthorized biography book of Bettie Page.

  23. Fraud. I knew her 25 years ago. They got the shirt right, she did wear large plaid shirts like that, and the gray hair, which was just streaked back then, but this picture is a total fraud, that is not Betty Page. She was a very religious and spiritual person and a joy to know, very warm person. I just don’t beleive she would have truck with Hugh Hefner. Hef should be so lucky to know Betty Page, I’m glad I got to know her at Faith of our Fathers church 27 years ago, back when I was a mixed up kid; we used to talk. God Bless you Betty.

  24. Betty looks absolutely wonderful! she will always be beautiful and sexy. She will always be that sex goddess that people new about across the world. And still at age 80 she will always look gourgeous and beautiful.

  25. i love betty . she is gorgesous. its funny because im only 15 &i want to be jus like betty. but no one can be betty. god she still looks so hot and beautiful.

  26. umm eric, its a well known fact that she is best of friends with hugh heffner. she viewed a screening of the notorious bettie page at his house with him…

    as far as you saying “hef should be so lucky to know betty page” they knew each other. quite well. she did pose for playboy back in the day you know. it doesnt sound to me like you know anything about betty page.
    and that physically looks like her in that photo. those undeniable features. thats definitley her. i know that in some interview she gave a few years back she was signing paintings of herself by olivia. this has to be her.

  27. I hate to say it, but I have to tentatively side with the doubters here. I really wanted it to really be her but, looking at the teeth in the photo, I’m not so sure…

    One thing about you that doesn’t change as you age is your teeth; in her posed photo’s Bettie always had an immaculate smile, the supposedly 80-year-old Bettie above has very different teeth to the real Bettie pictured above – see for yourself.

    And don’t forget that Betties pin ups were taken in the days before air brushing and digital manipulation, which makes her beauty and personality all the more breathtaking – especially compared to her modern contemporaries.

    To return to the photo above, I also find it hard to believe that someone with the liver spotted hands of the LA Times autograph photo’s would have such an unravaged face?

    I hope I’m wrong, and it surprises me that my own reaction to the story brought a tear to my eyes. Why is that people, especially women, who bring so much joy to so many often have such bad luck and adversity in their own lives?

    Good luck Bettie; I discovered you quite by accident but you were, and continue to be, an amazing woman…

  28. I came across this website by accident and was very surprised when I saw the recent photos of Betty Page. Does anyone know where she lives now? I have no personal interest in her or her work, nor do I want to find her, and I’m not looking for an exact address. It’s just that for the past few years I have seen a woman who looks strikingly similar to the woman in these photos in my neighborhood and it always broke my heart when I saw her – she seemed very alone, very suspicious of others, and very destitute. I’d often see her walking to or from the grocery store, about six long blocks from her apartment. Surely with the sale of these prints and such, she’s got some money now, no? I imagine it’s not the same woman. But still…

  29. All of you out there, who insist this is not her, need to just quit it and shut up. I lived in the neighborhood of Lawndale where she lived, and shopped. Rest assured this is her. Have a good day.

  30. Hello,

    I’m trying to track down Ms Page in the hope that she might agree to taking part in a high profile documentary that we are doing for the BBC and Sony Pictures Classic? The film is an exploration into the meaning of Sexual Morality in America.

    Any ideas how I could contact her or an agent?

    Best regards
    Kathleen Fournier
    Decameron Films

  31. I too am looking for an email for Bettie Page or a publicist or just somewhere I can send her a letter. If anyone happens to have some sort of contact for her, please let me know. Thanks!

  32. She’s ugly and old. Time does that to ya. Don’t know how someone can say she looks beautiful. Who the hell looks beautiful at 83? Out with the old. Bring in the new.

  33. WOW, she does still look amazing!!!! We were looking at her younger pics earlier and she is so sexy.

    Michelle honey do us all a favor and grow up. Hopefully you aren’t really as stupid as your comment makes you out to be. Tell you what next time you steal mommys password and log on to the internet don’t come here if all you know how to do is be disrespectful, OKAY!! Now go play child & leave us alone.

  34. I can’t believe I’m seeing the legend alive and well! Best of all she looks happy inside, which is the best thing we fans could hope for her. I hope she is well and truly happy knowing how she made-and continues to make us feel every time we see that beautiful smile and those twinkling eyes.

    I think she looks great for any age (and your reading this from a devoted fan of the “original” Bettie. Anyone who thinks otherwise is too sad and stupid to think anyone-including Bettie should go back into hinding because of their advancing age. I only hope when you reach 40+ and plastic sergurey is no longer an option Michelle that you do us all a favor and practice what you preach.

  35. We love you Betty.
    Thank you for being yourself in a world of people that want to be something they are not. Wether in a tight corset or a knitted sweater your inner beauty always has and always will always take center stage!

  36. WOW!
    She looks beautiful!!!
    I’m 26 years old and i just found out about Betty and i’m obsessed with her. She has got to be one of the most beautiful woman of all time. She’s not only beautiful, but brave also, cause doing the things she did back in the 40’s and 50’s was really brave of her, and it makes me like her even more. And that smile,man, what a smile.

    Thank you Betty!!

  37. I just purchased & watched the video “The Notorious Bettie Page”, put out by HBO video. It was well worth the money. It is was done very tastefully and it was very informative. I saw pictures of her when I was 10 or so, my friend’s dads had not been very careful with their magazines! I happened into her pictures about a year ago, and have been “GOOGLE-ing” her off and on since.

    I must say, she was a beautiful and stunning woman then, with a brillant fire in her eyes. And today, at 83, she still has the fire in her eyes. Also, she still has a very beautiful presence. That is my opinion, and I’m sticking to it!

    I do hope that with all this notarity, she is “cashing in”. It would be a shame for her not to retire with something in this day and age. All the fame and fortune that eluded her over the years, while others took advantage of her re-birth with Christ, she should get something for it today.

    Here’s wishing the best Miss Bettie Page! Be safe & take care.


  38. betty still looks astouning!!! she will always be a legend regardless of all good or bad things said about her. she´s the example of a true living legend who stands time with dignity.

  39. Just watched the Betty page movie, excellent, I think there are some women who have that personality but they are rare. Very intelligent, very nice and kind and unhibited about the body and clothes. I dont think the lack of inhibition is the result of figuring out , it’s inborn , they also seem to be able to go into risky situations and emerge unscathed but not always . There does also seem to be an almost childlike innocence, Such women are very appealing to most men , but they do not seem to form long term relationships . Also a tendency to become interested in religion .

  40. To all the skeptics out there, Plastic surgery can go only so far, and she is beyond the scope of that. Also I like to say the betty Paige helped make American Culture the way it is today, if even by a tiny bit she did A LOT more then most people do.

  41. I lovee her she still has the sweetest face ever. I thought she would still love ravenous like always. But hey we all change with age and bseides shes a conservative Christian woman.

  42. I am one of her biggest fans , Bettie you acheived
    amazing success and you truely deserved it.
    Fans should check out the movie”The Notorious
    Bettie Page” although its a quick glimpse of her life it is very good.

  43. Bettie, i am 41. If you are free and single, please drop me an email. i would love to take you out you lovely, mature 80+ beauty.

  44. I can’t belive she is still alive. she does still good for being older, I just watched the nortorious bettie page move the other day and I thought about what did ever happen to her.

  45. I loved Betty then, I love Betty now. I will continue to love her when her face turns grey and mottled as the elephant’s. I am capable of unconditional love. I am only 66.

  46. Bettie Page is one of the most timeless American Classics. She looks wonderful and I would be proud to have her as my grandmother! My boyfriend loves Bettie Page and the whole rock-a-billy look, he has two 40’s pin ups as tattoos. Bettie will always be his favorite. Amazing how generations tend to transgress to things our grandfathers were in love with!
    Thank you so much for the update!


  48. Bettie is one of my idols from childhood. I admired her confidence and charm. I always felt she was a kindred spirit. She seems like the quintessential girl next door. I’d love to have one minute of her precious time to thank her for helping me (and so many others) build confidence and give me inspiriation.

    Thank YOU, Mike, for posting this. Even if it was back in February. 😉 You’re wildly popular….just like Bettie.

  49. I am so impressed with Betty. I just watched the Notorious Betty moved. I have found her to be very respectful for her time and she looks wonderful now at age 80. God Bless her! She did not let fame consume her.

  50. Whether she’s had work or not, I don’t care. She is a gorgeous woman at 20, at 80, hell maybe even at 100! She’s a timeless beauty that so many women today strive for – and fail.
    *dreamy sigh* Why couldnt she be related to me, if only for the genes.

  51. Work done or not, you cannot produce that radiant smile of hers with medicine. Quite simply one of the most beatiful mouths of all time.

    I hope I age half as well.

  52. In reply to SH’s comments above…Your teeth don’t change???? At 40 I had braces and a full bridge to eleminate a large front gap where a tooth was missing + many people get veneers to improve / change there smile…if there is one thing that does change in people it is their teeth. If you have a perfect smile early and loose teeth as you age or have wisdom teeth removed your smile will change with it. Betty is the bomb pure and simple, as much then as she is now. I’m glad things are going her way and she continues to be timeless.

  53. In 1965, I purchased the New Orleans post card of Bettie and the alligator. 1976 Eros magazine and 1978-1980, 4 volumes by Belier Press. Today, I own a large collection of Bettie Page materials. Bettie is still is a beautiful woman. Hefner should have her pose for all her fans.

  54. I’m w/Steve. I hate to side w/the doubters but comparing both those sets of teeth I have to admit are definately different. she was extremely hesitant to any recent photos–Just an opinion.
    I too enjoyed the movie & think her ability to keep her wholesome sweetness is what made her so popular for that is what showed through in those photo shots.

  55. I rented the DVD The Notorious Bettie Page and I was impressed. It got great reviews and I can see why…what a nice tribute to her.
    I saw film clips and pictures of her at a museum in Amsterdam. She has made her mark not only in the U.S. but throughout the world.
    She looks lovely at 80 in that picture. She has a great smile.
    I can see why Hugh Hefner appreciates her…she is unique and wonderful.

  56. Bettie Page was my first pin-up. She also had to do with my first realizations concerning society’s hypocritical attitudes toward sexuality, nudity, and a great deal more. When a Cardinal (or was it the Pope?) said he might make an exception for Sophia Loren concerning the church’s stand on cloning, I thought of Bettie. As one a man who always loved beautiful women unabashedly, I wish we could keep her forever.

  57. Bettie Page is a beautiful and wonderful person. God Bless Bettie. The latest movie is very nice. Rented it from Blockbuster,1-8-7.
    I Cr 13;8a

  58. Bettie, you are gorgeous! I’ve collected Bettie Page material since I was 16 years old, now I’m 26 and this is the greatest gift ever. I knew she would be just as beautiful now as she was then. God Bless you Bettie.

  59. my curiosity never ceases, my eyes always pleased at the site of such beauty. my only regret is that i wasnt a young man in her day. im 41 and i live in dubuque, iowa where my family has been for 137 yrs. ive often wondered if there were any relation between us. to me that would be unbelievably awesome! the world could use more like her. respectfully, mjp.

  60. So were is she now? i know she still gets fan letters but how do you know were to send it? I named my daughter after her, she is a god.

  61. Great link and super photo. Bettie looks fabulous. Natural beauty, no doubt. Is that really Bettie, you bet. You can see she has the look. The Bettie Page look, that quality only she has. You can see it in all her pictures from 50 to 57 and it is in this recent photo. I would travel half way around the world to take Bettie to lunch or dinner. Did I mention she looks fabulous.

    If Ted from post #51 reads this drop me a line at If you want to get fan mail to Bettie try Steve Brewster, President of The Bettie Scouts of America he will forward mail. The Scouts have a website.

  62. She looks like an old lady.
    I’d hardly call her beautiful.
    Sure, she’s either been botoxed up or is light on for wrinkles, but looks fade.

    As they have certainly done for B.P.

    I think i’d rather have Hugh.

  63. when i first saw this recent picture of bettie
    i was in awe. of what i’ve read of bettie it
    was my belief that we would never see a curr-
    ent picture of her. at first, i was at disbelief
    until i studied the picture and compared it to
    other pictures that i have of her. then it
    occurred to me that this was bettie. i’ve been
    a fan of hers for over ten years and seeing
    this picture for the first time was like dis-
    covering her again for the first time. i am
    and will always be an admirer of her. and man
    she still looks great!

    thanks for sharing the picture


  65. I have Loved this Womans Sultry Innocence since the First moment i have seen her.

    This IS Bettie Page, I have no doubts the Eyes have it. There are some things you can Fake up, But those eyes, That smile.
    Rest assured it’s her.

    It doesn’t surprise me a Bit she looks as good as she does. She was always a natural beauty, and by all accounts a very healthy living person as well.

    For those wanting to contact her directly, I don’t know if she would be willing to accept such contacts. By all accounts she lives rather quietly now, and the One sentiment i have seen her express in her Interviews is that we, the people who love her should always think of her as she was (The main reason this Photo is such a Rarity)
    For Myself anyway, I love her enough to respect her wishes, But if she, or anyone who Knows her Right Now, Sees this Thread, I Hope she Gets the message that We, her fans, will never find her anything but beautiful. She can age, But her beauty has always come Not only from her skin, but also from the person she is Inside.

    Bettie, Thank you for Everything of yourself that you have shared with us.


  66. I just came upon this webpage and can I say DANG!! That woman ages beautifully! Let’s face it, she was just blessed with a beautiful face and soul and please God, let me look like her when I am 80!!

  67. Wow.

    Seriously, looks like she’s had a little plastic surgery but not much, she still looks like Bettie Page. She’s given so much of herself to her fans, I hope that she feels how much of that love is returned!

  68. She looks decent for an octogenarian. As for teeth, shut up – people’s teeth DO change over time, and it’s not uncommon for old people to have dentures. So, yeah, this is probably the same woman… and did you notice her hairdo? It’s still around, although toned down a bit and (of course) gray rather than black.

    one question: she’s old. does she wear purple? 🙂

  69. OMG she looks so great! i can’t see that she is 80 years old :O she can be 40 or somthing! she havent Chanced much..still the same hair style but she have gray hair and she has some more weight thats all! You are Great Bettie!

  70. I’m so happy to see bettie page still looking remarkably beautiful. she’s timeless.
    i love her so much.

  71. WOW!!! Bettie is still stunning! I’m a big fan! She has inspired me spiritually and creativly! I adore you Bettie!!! I am so happy to see recent photos of her, she is so cute with her little bangs!

  72. Wow! This photo is so refreshing to me..
    Cause I actually didn’t know if she was still alive or what.
    And it makes me realise that she actually is a real person…
    Love her! She is still beautiful at 80 =]

  73. Bettie Page is one of the few timeless natural beauties!
    Stunning at her age, i should only be so lucky!
    You are so well loved, hope you are living happily ever after :o)

  74. Sorry it’s a couple of days late but Happy Birthday to Bettie! This one of a kind woman had a birthday on the 22nd. May she have long life and good health. Her beauty and her pictures are both timeless. I hope she is with us for many years to come.

  75. I love betty ! I went to a gallery how last year and saw many of her images framed and huge…. I heard she was older (35ish) when she started modeling… That make me feel good……LOL

    jade paris

    aka Fetish jade

  76. BEAUTIFUL BETTIE!!!!!! WOW if 80 looks this fabulous then i’m only 40 more years away i’ll be 40 in june! thanks bettie for all the inspiration!you look FABULOUS! and we all LOVE YOU !

  77. I love bettie. She will be beautiful forever time can not take it away. As long as her story of beautiful pictures are always in our hearts i have faith that she will live forever Bettie you are my hero.

  78. Well, for 80, she doesn’t look bad here, although I’d say it’s more than obvious that her pin-up days are long over. Still, she seems to have aged gracefully, which is quite a blessing.

  79. This picture is absolutely Bettie! As for her teeth being different – they DO shift. My mom’s top teeth have shifted quite a bit since her 30’s and are crooked now at age 78. It is just very obvious that we are looking at Bettie Page’s face, and she HAS aged extremely well and DOES look happy. As for Michelle, who said those awful things about “old” people, she must be VERY young and EXTREMELY immature and has no clue what awaits her in the years to come!

  80. She is a universal goddess to say the least.

    I adore her and have always been attracted to her images throughout my fashion career, even painting on anything in her image before i even knew her.

    i have been likened to her throughout my life, but didn’t know who she was until recently, and then I realised…..she lives in each one of us who love her.

    Bettie, we value and support your path, and yet, we feel you are like a love lost. That there is no closure until we all feel you hear our message of adoration and respect for your journey, not just your eternal beauty.

    That despite the conflict of opinions, she had an internal innocence, and saw the beauty in everything around her, thus the reason she possessed so much of an external spark and gleaming radiance.

    We are all drawn to her warmth and nurturing playfulness. She made it all ok. Every picture was given a seal of golden approval with that million dollar smile that made us all feel safe.

    Bettie Page. A woman who is our beacon of light. The memory we call upon when seeking the flame within. The pictures we go back to when we seek companionship and reassurance in knowing, that like Miss Page, you don’t have to expolit the sake of your soul for the sake of you craft. She didn’t sacrifice herself, she merely rejoiced and also appreciated what she had to offer in her photographs.

    Her art was posing. She was a lady playing roles. She used her creativity without fear. Perhaps we can each learn something from her purpose in our lives……

    To be who you really are, as long as you express yourself with a purity unscathed by the opinion of the masses and continue doing what you ultimately love.

    Be true to the essence within and learn to leave a legacy behind just like bettie has, as we’ve all been given unique gifts to bestow upon the world.

    Play your life using your most prized possessions – your individuality and true expression of it, and you will shine in the eyes of the population the way our adorable bettie still does, 50 something years on…..

    we love you our beauty queen – i wish i could send you a tiara!

  81. Betty Page was unique in that she started a revolution among fans of cheesecake and pin-ups toward the “bad girl”. She inspired hot-rod chicks to be called “betties” as well.

  82. Wow,I finally found a recent picture, still beautiful. Her style & photos are so timless. Bettie is one of a kind, way before her time. There may be copies but she’s the original, everything about her cannot be duplicated.

  83. Astonishing but not really surprising. Despite the difficulties she has endured in her life, she appears radiant and happy…no doubt because she’s a Christian!

    God bless you, Bettie!

  84. To me Bettie is truly timeless, the smile, the look and the special quality in her pictures. I have never encountered any photos to match Bettie’s, it’s as if she invites the viewer personally into her picture absolutely guilt free. She is beautiful naked as a jaybird or fully clothed, fishnets, stockings, heels or a whip whatever she is in she shines. Fifty years since her last photos and they remain unmatched, we could stack up the best of out present day beauties and they would not hold a candle to Bettie.

    Both now and then I would say Bettie is very special, may the good Lord keep an eye on her. Rob.

  85. Dear Mike – I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this picture available for all of us fans. You’re a real life saver. It is a borderline miracle that we are able to get a glimpse of Bettie Page as she is today. I was so scared to death that she would go to her grave without us having this opportunity.

    During an interview on NBC in 1997, while her appearance was kept hidden, Bettie said that she didn’t want the public to see her anymore, and that she just wanted us to remember her the way she was. Of course, even before I saw this picture, I would like to have told her that her appearance wouldn’t have made a difference to me nor to at least the majority of her other fans, that she would always be pretty in my eyes no matter what. And now that I have seen this picture, I am not exaggerating at all when I say that she is one of the most gorgeous old ladies I have ever seen. I see that she took good care of herself over the years – thank you, Ms. Bettie Page, for doing that! You’re a good person as you are physically beautiful as well.

    I would almost swear at this time that I would have one of my fingers surgically removed if it guaranteed that she would make it to 100 and beyond. That would be so cool if that were to come about, because I would be in my 50s by that time, and to have the great Bettie Page still around while I was in my 50s – WOW!

    Of course in a perfect world, Bettie would outlive me, but I’m afraid it is not going to happen, unless I died in a car accident, or something like that. It would just be too good to be true. I just can’t imagine being in a world without her, and the day of her passing will be an extremely sad day in America, just as the day of Mr. Hugh Heffner’s passing will also be a very sad day, as he too is also a timeless American icon. Hmmmm – I wonder who will outlive who, as they are both in the same age range. I’ll be crushed by the loss of both of them.

    I find myself being somewhat jealous and envious of the men and women who were around during the 1950s, when the young Bettie Page was still current. But, at the same time, I think it is just absolutely cool that there were actually people around during the conservative 1950s who had the same tastes I do! Awesome! Oh well, at least we’ll have her pictures and movies forever, and hopefully she’ll be like the energizer bunny and keep going. I’m sure Mr. Heffner, who is partial to Playboy bunnies, would like that also.

    By the way, sometimes Ms. Page’s name is spelled Betty, and other times it is spelled Bettie. Does anyone know which spelling is correct? Anyways, thanks again for the picture Mike, and double thanks for allowing us to express ourselves. I apologize for this long-winded response, I just was not able to contain my joy when I found this picture.


  86. Sorry Mike, I forgot to mention something in my previous response above. I see from the radiance of Ms. Page’s smile in this picture that the heart and soul of the young Bettie Page is still there. In a manner, the young Bettie Page still lives! Isn’t that cool? 🙂 Thanks again!

  87. Wow! Bettie is still the bomb shell she always was! When I see Bettie all I see is
    Ivory Snow 99.9% pure. What a Baby Doll.
    Bettie is the 50’s. So sweet and pure.
    The girl next door. When Bettie smiles
    she smiles at me. No one ever take her place.
    The movie of Bettie was great, hoped it
    sparked others out there. One of a kind.
    Look at goth girls, nothing new they found
    Bettie. She can’t be copyed. One Elvis, one
    Sinarta, one Bettie!

  88. Ted. In respect to Bettie’s name, it’s Betty on the birth certificate but Bettie changed the spelling early in life.

    If you are a fan please checkout the Bettie Scouts of America Steve Brewster is the Scoutmaster, a great guy and he knows Bettie. Many Bettie fans are at the Scouts and a chance to connect with them. The Scouts is Bettie’s offical fan club meaning it is personally endorsed by her.

    On Bettie herself I sum her up both now and then as “magic”, she has a special something. It never ceases to amaze me the emotion, devotion and loyalty that Bettie brings out in her fans. I know what you mean about the finger.

    Two books on Bettie that are worth reading and getting, Bettie Page-The Life of a Pinup Legend by Essex and Swanson. A great soft or hardcover with lots of pictures. The other is I think The Real Bettie Page by Richard Foster. Both can be found on Ebay or Rob.

  89. Thanks Rob! I appreciate all that information very much. 🙂 I do plan on purchasing at least one of the two books that you mentioned, and quite possibly both. I am a little concerned about the Richard Foster book, however. It is my understanding from the Wikipedia link above that Ms. Page was not happy about some of the things that Mr. Foster says in his book. And of course, I will look into the Bettie Scouts of America.

    By the way, you probably already know this, but, you know that I’m not the same Ted from post#51, correct? Also, you are the same Rob of post#98, correct? I’m just asking these questions to double check, that’s all. 🙂

    Rob, I was wondering if you knew the answer to another question. (In case you don’t, don’t worry, that’s fine.) Do you by any chance know why Bettie never had any biological children of hew own? I have a sneaking suspicion that her daughter(s) and/or son(s) would have been very beautiful. It is sad that we will never get to see them.

    Thanks again Rob! Ted.

  90. Ted. Never occurred to me that you were post #51 and I am post #98. It makes no difference to me however.

    I would be happy to answer your questions about the books. Maybe it might be best to drop me a line at Rob.

  91. Rob and Ted,

    Thanks to both of you for both your interest and your information. Glad to see you’re both appreciative fans of Bettie.

    I do want to let you guys know that I inavertently deleted a comment by one of you two, but I’m not sure whose it was. I believe it was Ted’s most recent message. It probably should have been comment number 143, in place of this one. So please repost your comment, Ted, if that was you. My apologies.


  92. Hi Mike! Thanks for this message. No apologies are necessary – it was an accident, that’s all. I’ll repost my message for Rob, and thanks again for making these pictures available! Ted.

  93. Hi Rob! I did try to reach you at your address, but I ended up having to use my regular Yahoo e-mail system to send my question, because I was having complications with this gmail system, or whatever it’s called. Did you receive my e-mail? If not, do you have a regular e-mail address (for lack of better words) where I can reach you? Thanks. Ted.

  94. To the guy who said Betty Page was Aryan. I think she might have a touch of Native American Blood in her. It is not uncommon for Native American women to have striking black hair, high cheekbones and age like vampires. (smile)

    Almost all of my grandmothers in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s had very few wrinkles, just like Betty Page did. Some never smoked or drank others did everything under the sun. I guess good genes help out some. Betty was one of the few white female models of her time that worked with photographers of any race or sex. She is not a racist at all. It is nice to for the United States to finally realize the beauty in women at all ages and stage womanhood.

    Many Blessings and We Love You Betty,

    Vampire Libby Hodges
    House of Sheol Vampire Coven

  95. Love Bettie and have the photo at top of post tattoo`d on right calf. Great to see her and hope she’s well, but couldn’t somebody find her something better than a flannel shirt to wear?

  96. Pingback: Lombaxomba
  97. Airbrushing to retouch photos has been around for a long time. Stalin’s Soviet Union was famous for using airbrushing to remove the images of those who had fallen into disfavor from official photos. Camera filters to smooth out skin tones were probably more common to the level of photos done by Klaw, et al but certainly airbrushing was available to Playboy.

    As for dentition: periodontal ligaments shrink with age and can cause a change in appearance. Bettie was almost always shot with a top-row only smile and this might have been done to hide the slight defect seen on the lower-left in the 2003 photo. She definitely had a slight flaw on the upper left as seen in the older photo. The 2003 blow up is too cludgy to be of use — notice that her upper lip is also distorted in the blow-up.

    If I were Fox Mulder I’d have the 2003 photo poster-sized on my wall with “I want to believe” across the bottom.

  98. Ted sorry it has been a bit since I checked this site. I did get get an e-mail from you and responded, if that did not go through drop me aline at

    Regarding the comment about Bettie wearing the flannel shirt, I thought that strange as well. A friend of mine however mentioned it was at a pyjama party hosted at Hef’s I think.

    A comment about Bettie overall, a guy can analyze her skin, teeth and eyes but at the end of the day this chick simply has a special quailty that is unmatched. She looks great and here is a question I pose to all guys out there. If you had to pick one chick to take to a deserted island in the Pacific, would it not be Bettie Page looking as she did in 1954? My answer is clearly yes, what greater compliment can be paid to a pinup Queen.

  99. We can all only hope to look as good when and IF we make it to that age….

    She’s still a goddess…. Lovely and Sweet as ever.

    Just think of all the icons who lived fast and died young…..

    Dean, Monroe, Elvis ….. she’ll be remembered alongside all of them… and she outlived them all!


  100. bettie page is one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century…….i am 54 but would bend over backwards to pleasure her today if i could ever be so lucky! i am at your service, john

  101. Have you ever seen or heard of Dita Von Teese? She is the closest thing our generation has to Ms. Page. I suggest you google her

  102. i was born in 1956,the usa was dull and everyone went to church on sunday.we were very repressed,porn was nonexistant,bettie was found in the bottom of your fathers sock drawer,she sparked many a”dirty”fantasy,and untold orgasms.bettie was the mother of the porn you fantasize about today,a sexual pioneer,sex drugs and rock and roll,would come later.

  103. She is in a home in San Bernardino. She is barely alive and still has guards at her door. Patton sent her there because she needed to much care. She recently had to go into the hospital because she was hemoraging. Nurses at the home have tried to get photos and it always ends up bad. For someone America at one time hated so much and judged with all they had she is protected pretty well.

  104. Bettie is still beautiful indeed. While I don’t necessarily agree with her conservative religious views, I have a great amount of respect and admiration for this truly amazing, 20th century icon. Unlike the deceased icons who live forever in our collective imagination, Bettie is truly special because she remains, even in her advanced years, a beautiful, captivating and charismatic woman whose charms can still be admired by all. Long live Bettie Page.





  106. Hello, I also am a huge fan of Bettie and would like to send her a letter of some kind. I have another picture of that evening and also saw that same clip on an episode of ‘Girls Next Door’.

    I would just love to tell her what an inspiration she is to me, and wish her well. I’m not sure if you heard but she is in the hospital, but I’m not sure what for or if she is still there at this point.


  107. Wow. Just wow. She’s as gorgeous at 80 as she was in her pin up days. At the risk of sounding like a scoundrel, what I wouldn’t give to spend the night in her arms.(Swoons)

  108. I am so saddened to hear that Ms Page has had a heart attack and is in a coma! Good Lord!!!!
    She is such an icon and it is so terrible to hear this. Get well wishes to you Bettie!

  109. those pics of Bettie at 80 are her!
    in a book, I read, someone who met her
    said she looked very good.
    she was insecure of being compared to her model years, but you can clearly see it IS HER. she didnt smoke or drink and if she had native american blood, makes sense.
    not every 80 year old looked like a raisin!
    ive seen women that age with beautiful skin.
    I have a 97 year old neighbor who is active and could pass for his late 70’s, he looks elderly but NOT 97! im impressed.Bob hope looked way younger than his 80’s, he looked good for along time. and made it to 100.

    Im sad to hear Bettie passed..bless you Bettie and good night.

  110. Ha, I think there are lot of gullible out there. I do not believe that is Betty Page. That woman looks about 50. I’d like to know the origin of that photo (I couldn’t find it at Just because Hef, a Bettie Page poster, and someone resembling Bettie Page is in the picture is not the same as that being the real Bettie Page.


  111. We miss you Bettie!

    We’ve missed you for decades, so nothing new there.

    What a classy lady. Uncompromising beliefs and ideals. One in a zillion in an industry which destroys so many women, as it may have been responsible for many of her problems. How amazingly strong she must have been!

    Good night. Sleep tight. God bless you, Bettie Mae!

  112. RIP Betty, I have been a huge fan for many years, and you were timeless, absolutely beautiful, and will be missed!!! Thanks for the memories!!

  113. BETTIE PAGE TV INTERVIEW – On You Tube site: FilmFanTV

    In 1996 – I was honored to have had the opportunity… to be the only TV reporter to ever be granted a lengthy “In-Depth” interview by Bettie Page about her life.

    Some of you may know of Bettie Page.. some may not.

    On the surface – she was a 50’s pin-up icon who’s image is admired and revered to this day. She was the epitome of naughty and nice in her photos…. and the inspiration for a major motion picture on her life titled, “The Notorious Bettie Page”.

    But there was nothing remotely “notorious” about Bettie. She was truly a sweet southern gal – who genuinely saw nothing salacious about her modeling career… though her photos and Bettie were undeniably sexy.

    Eventually Bettie found God.. and moved to a different stage in her life. Troubles followed and financial hard times. She shunned the former limelight… until, she briefly re-emerged – and I was fortunate enough to meet her for an NBC TV show I worked for at the time.

    To my utter surprise… a random gamble on my part… and a simple phone call resulted in my meeting the reclusive Bettie Page.

    It was one of the most memorable interviews and cherished moments of my entire TV career as a journalist. Bettie gave me her trust… after living in quiet seclusion for decades… and limited access in years since. Bettie Page was truly the embodiment of the saying “Beautiful on the outside… Beautiful on the inside”. Her photos are a wonderful legacy.

    God bless you Bettie… and Thank you.

    Tim Estiloz
    Reporter… and Bettie fan forever.

    Video link to my interview with Bettie on You Tube.

  114. Funny how people assume she had work done!!! Why would she when she didn’t WANT to be photographed???? People are really rude and jealous, some people age gracefully others, like the one who said she had work done DON’T!!! She looks the same, everyone who I have seen with work done LOOK worked on that includes celebrities!!! She wasn’t a drinker or smoker and had good genes, how is that so hard to believe???

    RIP Bettie

    You are loved and missed!!!

    Forever a Fan…

    Diana G.

    Brooklyn, NY

  115. That most certainly is her, I could see it even before looking at the closeup.

    Some things that don’t change much as you age are eyebrow arches, eye shape, eye color, lip shape, expression lines, general nose shape, the chin – teeth are another matter altogether by age 80, especially as poor as she was. Her chin, nose, lip shape, eyes, eyebrow arch, and expression lines are the same.

    She had no reason to be so self-conscious – she had aged very well.

    RIP beautiful lady.

  116. R.I.P., Beautiful Bettie. You were way ahead of your time and your legacy will endure…you have inspired millions and will continue to do so. xoxo Lynn xoxo

  117. It’s amazing what Bettie did for the sexual revolution and for women. That’s the first picture I’ve seen of her past her “prime,” and she was still just as beautiful as ever. May you be at peace, Bettie.

  118. She might’ve had some botox and maybe a few peels here and there, but she looks great! I hope to look this good, and maintain as well, when I’m 80+. Heck, she looks better than some 50-year olds I know!!!

  119. some folks are kidding themselves with the inside beauty thing. bp was an evil woman in the 70s and 80s how damn near murdered a woman in her sleep. read the foster book. it’s written in 4th grade reader style but the research he did was amazing. just cause she’s pretty don’t mean she’s nice.

  120. i love vintage photos,had one of yvonne decarlo for my profile photo on my space,nobody knew who she was,she was maybe 19,anyway betty was great in her day,i pray she made peace with herself at the end of her life.also,as an older betty,she does not have the joker face,that is obvious on anyone,yea,you can tell when someone has had work joker face here!!

  121. Wow! Michelle Sarantino (sp?), who left the really negative comment (“Bring on the young. Throw out the old” or some such) sounds like a very young and bitter person.

    I stumbled upon your blog as a result of the English teacher things, which I am going to report on I had seen it elsewhere, but did not remember to save it. Thanks.

    P.S. Come check out my blog some time.


    Connie Wilson

  122. I always wondered what she looked like in her 80s, and I agree she was amazingly beautiful still. The way you ended your entry about her made me smile, it was so sweet. Thank you, on her behalf. 🙂

  123. For those who wrote about Bettie Pages ethnicity, someome wrote she was an Aryan woman. Bettie Mae Page was a mix of Cherokee and white. That explains her black hair, high cheekbones and other lovely things about her. She was a beautiful woman.

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