Bettie Page at 80 years old

So for whatever reason, the other day I was thinking about Bettie Page, the former pin-up model.

Of course, hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about Bettie Page, I am after all a living, breathing man. Like so many other guys, I’ve wondered over the years what’s become of Bettie. The Wikipedia entry linked above explains that pretty well — well, the best it can given the information available. Anyway, at the end of the Wikipedia entry are links to two recent photographs taken of her. Here’s one:

That’s Bettie on the right, obviously Hugh Hefner is in the center there and the woman on the left is artist Olivia De Berardinis, who painted the Nurse Bettie picture that Hef is holding.

A closer look at Bettie? Sure:

She’s 80 years old in this picture. (It was taken in 2003.)
Not bad at all Bettie.

There really is no one quite like her these days. But her disappearance from the public eye sort of helped to solidify her in the hearts of fans. In the same way Marilyn Monroe died in her prime, and Jayne Mansfield as well, they live forever in our memories as young and beautiful. Bettie Page disappeared for decades, not allowing herself to be photographed at all, thus leaving us with the same impression as if she had died. All we have are the images of her as a young and magnificently beautiful model.

So how strange is it to see her now? At 80 years of age, mind you.

The best part is that she’s still beautiful.
Somehow I sort of knew that she would be.

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