Fantastic or not, Alba shouldn’t be invisible.

Last night I was making myself a few open-faced tuna sandwiches for dinner while on the phone with a friend. We were talking about this and that when I asked her what Netflix movie she has right now. Turns out she’s got The Fantastic Four. But she told me she’s attempted to watch it twice but couldn’t get through it. I’m not going to guess whether this is a true indictment of the quality of the film or not, as I haven’t seen any of it, but she made a spectacular observation. She asked me why anyone would make a movie where Jessica Alba was invisible.

If there’s one person in show business that should be seen at all times, it’s Jessica Alba. What fun is it to watch a movie with one of the hottest natural beauties in Hollywood if we can’t even see her half the time she’s on screen?

This should never be invisible.

Now I understand that there are only four members of the Fantastic Four, and I understand that Jessica Alba couldn’t exactly play The Thing or something. The invisible chick is the only female role of the Four. Fine. But I think the makers of that movie might have hurt themselves by casting Alba. A better choice might have been someone like Kathy Griffin.

She should be invisible all the time as far I’m concerned. And mute too, for that matter.

This should ALWAYS be invisible.

But anyway, I probably shouldn’t actually complain about this until I actually see the movie. But whatever.