Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) – Smoker of fags (cigarettes)

There’s nothing I can say that will describe what you’re about to watch. Don’t deny yourself this. Seriously. Don’t.

It’s not short, but it’s not long. When you finish come back and praise me for sharing it with you, then watch it again.
(If it has problems loading, you can also click here to see it.)

Also starring in this clip are:

Thanks to the best drummer in Elmwood Park, Matt DeRosa for forwarding this my way.

Improv Everywhere

I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile now, but keep forgetting. My Uncle Jimmy was telling me about this not long ago. But apparently, in New York City, there’s a group known as Improv Everywhere. Their tagline: “We cause scenes.” It’s really quite brilliant. A mission is conceived and notification is sent out to “agents” as to how they should prepare. They’re basically told what to wear and what to, or not to, bring. Then they set off to cause harmless chaos.

In this episode, the agents all wear blue Polo-like shirts and khakis, the standard uniform of a Best Buy floor employee. Over 30 of them stream into a busy Best Buy store in NYC and position themselves throughout. The results of the experiment are caught on camera — both still photos and video.

It’s really pretty hilarious.

Click here to see the results of this mission.

Of course, even better than that might be the faked suicide jumper scene set up. Of course, the jumper was perched on a ledge a whopping four feet from the sidewalk. Click here for that one.

There are many other missions which you can peruse on their site. There’s some hilarious stuff here. I admire their creativity and bravery. Wish I possessed either of those traits.

Okay, so as I’m writing this I’m actually going back and looking at other missions and they’re all fantastic. So, after you check out the two missions I’ve already described, if by then you haven’t already discovered the page listing the missions, then click here for that.

I guarantee if you’re at work you’ll kill a whole afternoon reading about these. And if your computer is current enough to have the necessary Flash player, there’s plenty of video to amuse you as well.

Be sure to check out the Mobeius mission. The agents execute a plan in a Starbucks where the same seemingly random events are looped every five minutes for an hour straight. Simply brilliant!

The WordPress Server Got Nothin’ On This One

Just moments ago I was checking my email, when I was led to this website.

See, now I've heard of websites trying to flatter their visitors, but they're usually looking for money by pitching get-rich-quick schemes. But this website, well, it's different. It just seems to know the right things to say.

Check it for yourself.
Click here.

Don't be alarmed if things don't seem to be working at first. Stick with it.

Worst Album Covers of All Time

My friend Derek sent me a link to this site, which is a museum of the worst album covers.

There are quite a few of them. Some of them are really awful, like this one, for example:

I’m pretty sure Menudo have never actually put out a cool album cover. But those are some cool shirts.


However, at least they’re actually wearing shirts. This guy, who I guess is actually a really good flutist, may look like he’s wearing a sweater, but he’s not.


But now here’s one that I’m not sure belongs in a worst album cover category. Hell, I’d probably buy this album based entirely on the cover.

Head to the site and vote for the covers you think really are the worst.