So awhile back, I bumped into this guy named Paul Hewson. Oddly, though, he called himself Bono. (I asked him if he was a big Sunny and Cher fan. He said he preferred loveseats in his sunroom. [I’m not sure I even get that joke. Think on it a second.]) Anyway, he was telling me how he was a singer or something. He told me how being in a rock band was so cool because he got to drink a lot of Guinness and shag chicks all the time.


Me (left) chatting at Bono (right).

That’s when I told him, “Bono, no, you’re going about this all wrong. You have the power to help people. Get political. Take stances. Be obnoxious and talk about things that you really have no business being involved in. That’s what rock ‘n’ roll is all about!”

I wonder if he ever took my advice?

(I won’t even get into what I said to Mick Hucknall, lead singer of Simply Red. Notice him in the background of the photo above.)

5 thoughts on “How I Changed the Lifepath of Bono and U2

  1. That wax Bono is sick! how did it look in the erm wax?

    Funny post bro, I gave him the idea to put the U.S flag inside his jacket, told him if he ued the irish flag the irish would think he was pretentious!

  2. That wax dummy looks like it was from the Zooroppa era.
    Yeah I thought that way about rock stars talking on topics they dont really have any reason to, but in all truth at least bono does his homework before ranting, he does seem to care. though a henry rollins quote on Bono: “when bono was asked if he would ever run for U.S president, his responce was…’no I wouldn’t want to move into a smaller house!’ not a cool line from someone trying to lessen world debt. But I think it is very popular to rip into celebs for getting into topical debates or action, though my stand point is if it helps then who cares who they are.

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