Let me begin by apologizing for my long silence here. I’ve been lazy, with a touch of busy. But whatever, it’s my page, I can take a couple months off if I want to.

Although I will say this, I had been watching my blog stats for awhile there, keeping track of where I was in total numbers. I was approaching the 1,000,000 mark for “total views” and I was looking forward to it. But then I sort of forgot about it.

But, it’s okay! I remembered now.

As of 2:05 pm today, Because the World Is Round has had 1,012,818 total views.

Not too shabby for a little ol’ blog about nothing in particular and everything in general. Thanks so much to all of you who have provided significant chunks of that number. Please accept my sincere thank you for reading. For those of you who’ve dropped me email over these past months, thanks for writing. I promise to address some of your topic suggestions soon as I’ll be making an effort to get back to posting regularly. So check back!

Now, if I could just figure out how to start making money doing this….

3 thoughts on “Over One Million Served!

  1. Don’t feel bad about not posting in that long…I hadn’t checked in that long, so by my calculations, it worked out perfectly! 🙂

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