I wrote a poem this morning. I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Java! Dig It!

In the morning when I’m sleepy
and all the world’s a haze,
I chug a gallon of coffee
it always improves my days.

Coffee, you rock.
Coffee, you rule.
Coffee, you rock.
Coffee, you’re picked then transported on a mule.


Thank you.

4 thoughts on “The coffee poem.

  1. The poem is amusing, but I’m really impressed by the Marx Brother’s still from “A Night at the Opera.” It’s a nice, knowing tribute to Kitty Carlisle on the day of her death.

  2. It’s amazing the love we feel for coffee – so much so we’re drawn to sing its praises through verse. I can’t drink it much because it makes me have acid reflux – but it’s funny – this morning I’m sacrificing my esophagus to enjoy it… and on the first morning I have coffee in months, I stumble across your poem. It makes each drink all the more sweeter because I’m smiling. Transported on a mule? lol

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