So check this out.


I’m really not sure what happened on March 6, 7, 8 or thereabouts to cause such a spike in the number of visits to this modest little blog of mine, but all I can guess is that it has to do with the commercial featuring Chuck Norris chasing down two internet jokers who put his picture on the head of an ostrich. The number of search engine referrals to the two main Chuck Norris fact posts I put up so long ago has gone up considerably in the last week as well.

It’s cool to get so many hits. I just wonder how many people who come for Chuck stay for the other content.

I gotta say, though, I kinda wish I would’ve written that commercial for Chuck. I would’ve included many more expensive special effects. I mean in keeping with the tradition of the Chuck Norris facts shouldn’t he have sucked the innards out of a watermelon and pelted those two jokers with a barrage of rapid-fire seeds? Or he could’ve at least halted the Earth’s gravitational pull for a second. At the very least, he should have sneezed, causing the skeletons of the two guys to jump right out of their bodies. With all the possibilities that exist for a commercial like that, I have to admit to be a little disappointed with the outcome.

Although, now that I think about it, they wouldn’t have actually had to use any special effects at all. I mean, this IS Chuck Norris we’re talking about.

Of course, the perfect close to the commercial would have been for Chuck Norris to bite into the Mountain Dew can like it was an apple or something. Now that would’ve been cool.

6 thoughts on “Chuck Norris and Mountain Dew

  1. I suppose that’s a good point. That is pretty cool. But in the interest of full disclosure, a whole lot of that traffic is still Chuck Norris related. In addition to that, the Betty Page post from way back gets a whole lot of traffic every day, too. There are links to that post from her Wikipedia entry because of the recent picture I have of her. And people love to proclaim their love for Betty in the comments.

    Plus, I get a lot traffic on the Sarah Silverman post, too. But most people don’t like her a whole lot, it seems. Though I’m still a fan.

  2. Love the Mountain Dew commercial with Chuck Norris – saw it last evening for the first time – I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Best commercial in a long long time!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Chuck!!!!!!!!!

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