My good friends Todd, Mike, Derek, and Matt all went to Las Vegas several years ago on a mission. They rented a car and drove there, stopping along the way to bowl as they went. (Click here to see their website.) They sent out press releases, they got on the radio, and the plan was to make a movie about their journey. So far, all that’s been made of the movie is the trailer.


There were also going to be follow up Bowling to Vegas trips as well. I participated in what is called Bowling to Vegas 1.5 — so called because we all flew there. So there was no on-the-road bowling. But we did bowl while we were there. Actually, you can read all about that trip here.

One thought on “Bowling to Vegas – The Trailer

  1. So the juxtaposition of the strip club and bowling (WOW Holy Freudian Slip, Batman, I almost typed “blowing”) in the trailer leads me to ask – is there topless bowling involved?

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