To those of you who are practicing Rastifari, I’d like to wish you a happy Bob Marley day. For those of you who are not, well, today is his birthday. I’m not a Rastifarian by any means, so I won’t claim to be celebrating that, but I am a Bob Marley fan. So after heading home tonight I might just throw on the DVD that came with a Marley CD box set I happen to own.

I found it interesting to learn, though, that his religion may have ultimately cost him his life. Marley developed a cancerous tumor on his toe due to an injury he receieved playing soccer. They think that if his toe had been amputated, the cancer wouldn’t have spread. As it happened, it spread to his brain, lungs, and stomach before finally taking his life in 1981. But he refused the amputation for two reasons. One being that Rastifari believe that the body must remain whole. The other reason, though probably less important, was that it would affect his ability to dance. For some this might be found as comical, but if you’ve ever seen footage of him on stage, you know that this was a major part of his act.

Anyway, since today is a Bynghi, or holy day, remember, if you’re gathering somewhere in the United States today to hold a Reasoning, be sure to pass the ganja in a counterclockwise circle, as is the custom when in a time of war.


6 thoughts on “Bob Marley Day – February 6

  1. I never knew about the cancer starting in his toe ‘n all that, that’s very sad and a waste of a talented guy. He was only 36, religion really has a lot to answer for.They say only the good die young, ’cause they haven’t had time to get tired, cranky and disillusioned.

  2. One thing should be made clear about Mr Marley, He no “act”. Bob made true music from the heart. Pure Inspiration from JAH GOD Almighty. He Believed that GOD’s will was his will. Rest eternally at the right hand of our father; prophet, messenger, Rastaman!

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