So as we enter Super Bowl weekend, I just wanted everyone to know that today, along with being Groundhog Day, is also George Halas’s birthday.

There’s sort of a festive attitude around the office today. Everyone’s really excited about the big game. I know I can’t wait. I’m starting to feel like a kid at Christmas. I can’t wait for gameday to arrive. But check out the cake that was here in the office this morning. How funny is this?

That Bear mauled the poor little horsey. Sucker.

Around the office here this morning, people are wearing Bear jerseys and t-shirts, scarves, or just Bear colors. Me? I’m wearing a black turtleneck sweater. But that’s because today is my birthday also. Well, I’m not sure how wearing a black sweater and my birthday are related, but whatever. It’s my birthday, I can write what I want.

One thought on “Papa Bear George Halas would be 112 years old today

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