I’m the farthest thing from a religious man, but when it comes to matters of Chicago Bear football, I’m up for anything. So I’m posting this prayer that was forwarded to me by my sister. Unfortunately, I have no idea who actually wrote it. I just know that it’s funny. But more importantly, let’s hope it does the trick.

This very well could’ve been written sometime in 2004 when Craig Krenzel was a starter for the Bears before getting hurt. Hence the reference to him at the end of the prayer. But it stands true to this day, for we shall always fear the wrath of the QB who can’t move the chains.

Anyway, please bow your head….

2 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Chicago Bears

  1. That is AWESOME!

    Sorry for yelling, but I’m the biggest Bears fan, south of the Windy City. Seriously, I am. I’m downstate in Peoria, actually. Heard of it?

    I’d like to steal this for my own blog, if you don’t mind. But don’t worry, I’ll leave you a link. Any Bears fan is a friend of mine.


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