There was a time when my pants fit much better. But rather than continuing to try and wear the same pants, I would just go out and buy new pants. But then again, there are still times when my pants feel like they don’t fit. Really unusual times, like when the cheerleaders come onscreen during football games, or when I get shot with the shrink-gun made famous in such movies as Mystery Men. But at times like those, I simply think about baseball stats or John Goodman or someone and I’m usually okay after that.

Of course, John Goodman happened to play Babe Ruth in the movie The Babe, which shouldn’t be confused with the movie about the pig called Babe (I think he lived in the city, or at least went for a visit once). The thing is, though, that some people might refer to Babe Ruth as a pig, even though he was, in reality, a human being. I suppose that his lifestyle was not without it’s share of gluttonous moments, so I can sort of see how people might make that distinction. But one has to recognize, however, that despite this classification of an iconic figure from United States history, that Babe Ruth was still a man. A man with feelings. A man with dreams. And a man with as quick a left-handed bat as the sport of baseball has ever known. The irony, however, is that John Goodman was a right-handed batter, and had to practice swinging a bat from the left side of the plate. A feat that, for some, might be prolific.

However, there are such individuals for whom such a feat isn’t quite as difficult. Individuals like Mickey Mantle, for example. Granted, this is probably one of the reasons that the Mick grew to be one of the greatest switch-hitters of all time, if not the greatest. But we have to realize that he learned to do this from a very young age, whereas John Goodman never really attempted it until he was well past his youth.

But with all of that said, my pants fit great today.

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