There’s nothing I can say that will describe what you’re about to watch. Don’t deny yourself this. Seriously. Don’t.

It’s not short, but it’s not long. When you finish come back and praise me for sharing it with you, then watch it again.
(If it has problems loading, you can also click here to see it.)

Also starring in this clip are:

Thanks to the best drummer in Elmwood Park, Matt DeRosa for forwarding this my way.

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) – Smoker of fags (cigarettes)

  1. Egads. Who knew H.P. was such a spotty, bicycle-faced git?

    Here’s the other two faces I recognized:

    *Warwick Davis – the title lead in 1988’s fantasy adventure “Willow”
    *Ashley Jensen – seasoned Scottish actress currently seen as Christina on “Ugly Betty”

    Looks like I’m a bit of a git, too.

  2. Why do you like Harry Potter? What is it that made you become a fan of the books/movies? When and how did you become a fan? Share your stories with us!
    Personally, I've been a “Harry Potter” fan for a few years, having first discovered 'Philosopher's Stones' at the tender age of 10. I became a real fanatic
    at 12 when I read 'Prisoner of Azkaban' and have been truly Potty ever since! Now I'm nearly 19 years old and eagerly awaiting/dreading the release of book

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