My good friend Derek forwarded me an email that many of you might have already seen, but I thought was very much worth sharing. It seems that there are a handful of companies out there that have set up shop under a URL that might not give exactly the impression that the proprietor of the web site was hoping for. Read on and I think you’ll see what I mean.

Pen Island
At Pen Island, you can find all your custom made pen needs. Their tagline: “Your pen is our business!”
Just click on

Therapist Finder
We all need help. We all need someone to talk to. We all have issues that a good couselor could help us sort out. But what’s that got to do with finding rapists?
So I’ll admit, this isn’t really that funny since therapist is a real word used all the time, but once you read it differently, it’s hard to see anything else.

Mole Station Native Nursery
This one is easily my favorite because the combination in the address is so blatant that it’s amazing they never noticed it in the first place. They have since been changed their address, however, if you type this one in, it still works, redirecting the visitor to the newer address.
See for yourself by clicking on

Who Represents?
If you’re looking to see what agents are representing your favorite celebrity then click on

The Cumming First United Method Church
This one isn’t so much an unfortunate combination of two innocent words, as much as it is simply an unfortunate name.

And here are some honorable mentions:
Programmer exchange site:

Italian Power Generator Company:
Site is under construction as of 10.20.06.

Computer software company:

So what’s the moral of this post? When you start your own business, be very, very careful when selecting a web address.

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