I was checking in with one of my favorite websites — Dead or Alive, a site devoted to listing celebrities to let the public know whether they’re alive or not — when I discovered a new feature. But before I get into that, I need to express how great this site really is. I mean how many times have you been sitting around having a conversation about someone and wondered whether or not they’re still alive.

For example:

You: I was watching an episode of Riptide on some cable channel last night.
Them: Riptide? You mean the show with the big pink helicopter?
You: Yep.
Them: Man, I used to love that show!
You: What happened?
Them: Whattaya mean what happened?
You: Well you said you used to love the show. What happened?
Them: Well it was on a long time ago.
You: So?
Them: So?
You: So? Did you love your mom 15 years ago?
Them: Yes.
You: Well why don’t you love Riptide anymore? Was it unfaithful to you? Did the pink helicopter have an affair with Blue Thunder?
Them: Blue Thunder?
You: Yeah.
Them: Wasn’t that the helicopter that could fly in whisper mode?
You: Yep.
Them: Dick Butkus was in the TV version of that.
You: He was. So was Bubba Smith. They were ground support.
Them: I think Dick Butkus showed up in an episode of McMillan & Wife once.
You: What the hell is that?
Them: It was a show with Rock Hudson.
You: He’s dead.
Them: He is.
You: Wasn’t that show on in like 60’s?
Them: Early 70’s.
You: You’re only 32, how were you watching that show?
Them: Reruns, dude.
You: So who played the wife?
Them: Susan St. James.
You: Is she dead?
Them: I don’t think so.
You: Are you sure?
Them: No.
You: Well find out?
Them: What? You want me to call her?
You: No. I guess not.
Them: I don’t have her number anyway.
You: Man, I wish there were a website where one could go to find out if someone were still alive or not.
Them: Yeah.

Well, there is! Dead or Alive.

As I was saying earlier, they recently added a feature where you can punch in your birthday to see who you’ve outlived. I recently did that. As it turns out, to this moment I’ve outlived Bruce Lee by 15 days. In otherwords, when Bruce Lee died, he was 15 days younger than I am today.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a pretty big Bruce Lee fan. I have a ton of respect for his physical abilities, and even moreso his mental strength. But the guy was a badass, pure and simple. I’ve never seen a guy’s fists move so fast. And I think his torso and legs were made from lead. I mean seriously, the guy was just a badass.

Which brings me to my point today: if Bruce Lee was a badass, then I must be a super-badass. Clearly, in this “only the strong survive” world, I’ve been proven Bruce Lee’s superior. Let’s look at the facts I was able to last longer on this earth than he was. So naturally, the only conclusion one can reach is that I’m tougher, a bigger badass, and just generally all around more capable than he was.

Okay, so I’m kidding. I’m the furthest thing from a badass. Thugs won’t even try to mug me because it’d be like mugging a fire hydrant — very little resistance, no payoff, and a whole lot of seeping fluids.

And for the record, Susan St. James is alive and well.

One of the greatest movies of all time, Enter the Dragon, click here to buy it.
Or click here for all sorts of Bruce Lee stuff.

28 thoughts on “Bruce Lee vs. Me?

  1. For the first time in my small pitiful life I can relate. Not only do I have a ridiculous amount of respect for the big BL, but I was once honored to fight him. When Mr. Lee took my parking spot at a local grocery store I was forced to duel him. To make a long story short, he ended getting the spot, and I am now a quadripilegic (we called it a tie).

  2. Bruce Lee was a legend amongst mortals.. He speed and style in which he fought can not be found today. Just watch Enter the Dragon..He’s amazing in it

  3. hello. you’d not believe it but i think that i’m the biggest fan of bruce lee. He was, is, and will always be my super hero. there was no fighter like him and never will be. i’ve seen all his movies and have been inspired by him. i’ve also joined martial arts and need just 4-5 months for a black belt.

  4. master lee was a great and generous father to all mankind. for he allowed us the vision only he could maintain. he showed us that within our mind,we are within our mind.the less you understand……the more you’ll know.please beeleedat!!!and to master lee,for giving us our rights to our chi…..i am one who will be forever thankful. your student&fan, lee m.harvey

  5. Oh my,lordy lordy lordy.Have i just stumbled into a room with the subject in the air…………BRUCE LEE? Im lovin it,he was and still is the fastest man on the planet(and dont anyone dare say he isnt)your regret would be too great.That man machine could run around the world and punch himself in the back of his own head for crying out loud.I love the speed and the snap of his dragon fists.Ive been training on a punch bag for three years now,every day for upto four hours(i couldnt last two minutes when i first started)Now i can throw 7-8 punches per second……….yes you read that correctly.I would like to think that i have the same energetic stubborn self confidence that my hero had(and im getting faster………..and faster……….and faster. 🙂

  6. in his shortlife what he has achieved is immense and he could have become even greater and if not the biggest kung fu stars to ever grace the planet.

  7. Bruce Lee… What an inspiration to thousands of young people.

    Notice what inspires the people??? His strength? His speed? His fighting style? Its all of these and something more. His will power. The most amazing aspect of Bruce is his will power.

  8. Bruce was the ultimate Warrior and he was in his prime when he passed away,what he did for the Martial Arts everyone including myself owes Bruce a gratitude,he will always be the true Master!!

  9. bruce lee was not only proboly the best fighter to walk the earth,but also the best teacher and philosoper of our time and past. I am not a martial artist or anything like that,but bruce has taught me will power,the diffrence between my mind and conscince,how to view my world in a new exciting way learning somthing new everyday. Thank you bruce lee for for helping me, too help myself. Now i want to help others in return.

  10. Hey everyone, there is a new documentary about Bruce Lee called How Bruce Lee Changed The World that aired on the History Channel. Very interesting. I have always liked Bruce since I was small and I was born one day after his death on July 20, 1973. They have also built a new museum in Seattle to honor him called BLAM. Try to catch that documentary, they talk to his wife and his daughter.

  11. Master Bruce was and is the juice! althougfh I was very small I remember seeing interviews and unfortunately his funeral… the world lost a star but gained a memory: stars burn out memoreies live on…. to Bruce

  12. i agree with kyle i think his most amazing aspect was his will power too he didn’t drink alcohol often or eat foods that weren’t a benefit to his health besides all the working out training and trying to improve his martial art he dedicated his whole life to his art. Thank You Bruce Lee

  13. Wow…great thoughts. I am very sad every time I think about what we lost in ’73. I am a huge fan, but I also know what we have gained from his life. I only wish I could have met him and say thank you.

    I cant imagine how linda could have felt as she knew before anyone what a star he was, philosopher, man, etc.

  14. master bruce you always been the best of the best the world has lost a great star that was you but unfortunately you left deichou brands around the world

  15. Bruce Lee was not only the best Martial artist to walk the planet, he did, in fact, teach honor and respect by examples in all his Chinese movies. I’m 59 and he will always be one of my all time top heroes. check out what he does to a ceiling light in the movie Marlowe with James Garner. We will never forget you, Bruce.

    Bill H.

  16. Whenever I hear the name of Bruce Lee chills run down my spine. He was the greatest actor the world had ever produced. His death left us with unforgetable memories of his art.

  17. I experienced some of the predjudices Bruce did. (I’m 66). I was into judo. That was the only thing really known in the US back then before Bruce came on the scene. I wish I couldve met him and learned some of his techniques. (I lost a couple fights I’m sure wouldn’t have gone the other way had I known more. Bruce is a real national treasure!!!!!

  18. Well as an avid Lee fan, I’m going to put in my 2 cents worth! I think Bruce Lee is still y Super Hero,and has been since the 70’s!
    I just finished downloading and reading the Penthouse feature on Lee and what he was really like and why in the last years. Find it and read it from btjunkie. He was a hyperactive guy, never sat still,was always leaping,jumping and trying new things,all in order to better himself. He knew his time was short,so he pushed himself to achieve all.
    BUT,as one who couldn’t relax…Well go find the article and read it, it WILL blow your mind!!

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