I’ve always hated Axl Rose.

I’ve never known the guy personally, so I guess it’s not him in particular that I really hate, but I can’t stand his voice. Therefore, I’ve never, ever liked Guns ‘n’ Roses. Which is a shame, because as a band — musically — they’re pretty awesome. (I love Velvet Revolver – the same band with former Stone Temple Pilots’ frontman Scott Weiland in place of Axl.)

But have any of you seen Axl Rose lately? I couldn’t believe it when I looked at him. He had all sorts of plastic surgery done, so now he looks like a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force or something. (If you’ve seen the episode where Shake goes to Haiti or someplace to get cheap plastic surgery done, you know what I’m talking about.)

Anyway, look at these pictures. Obviously the one on the right is a younger Axl on the cover of Rolling Stone. But look at that freakin’ guy on the left. What the fuck happened?


This reminds me of something I wrote in a column for Negative Waves years ago. This was part of a predictions column; I was making predictions as to what would happen in the year 2004.

Former Guns ‘N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, will come out of a state semi-retirement to announce that he is officially going into a state of semi-retardedment.


25 thoughts on “An Axl Rose by any other name…

  1. When the left pictures is stretched wide, while the other is stretched thin, it makes it hard to compare. But I agree, he looks way different. I’ve never like him either. What sort of plastic surgery has he had done?

    What’s up with Negativewaves, is it dead?

  2. I’ve been meaning to go back and readjust the size of those pics. It’s done now. That should be better.

    Nice to hear from you Atle. Hope all is well.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact work that he’s had. Clearly there’s been some face rearranging, but I doubt that did anything to help improve his level of talent.

    As for Negative Waves, no, it’s not dead. I’m afraid most of us have just been lazy. As you can tell from the lack of consistency in my own posts, the clever thooughts haven’t been making their way from my brain to the keyboard much lately. We’ll see what we can do to improve that.

    Come to Chicago for a visit. Now with Slappy being a resident you’ve got a trifecta when you include RaRa and Reed.

  3. Mike, it’s called summer. You just don’t feel like sitting in front of the computer when it’s nice outside.

    Slappy lives in Chicago aye. I was just about to start a column called “Where does Slappy claim he will be going this week?”, as everytime I talked to him it would differ. Let’s see, so far it’s been:
    – Germany
    – NYC
    – Texas
    – California
    – Germany
    – NYC
    – Pacific Northwest
    – I think Germany was mentioned even once more

    I’d love to come visit all of you folks out there. I want to come when it’s warm out, so maybe I’ll try next summer. You know, get Strom to take his rig out and chill with a couple cold ones. That would be sweeeeet!

  4. I think he just grew up. He looks like about 19 in the photo on the right. The left one he looks like a grown man who’s partied way too much. Surgery? Maybe, but I think it’s more that he’s a victim of his lifestyle.

  5. You obviously never met Axl before. Because if you did you would realize that he is a completely selfless, kind and compassionate person. Everyone has their own opinions but attacking a person because of their appearance does not seem very mature. If you are not fond of his voice, that’s your own preference. And there are at least 100 million people who would disagree with you.

  6. He is a public person , he deserves some respect for his fans , he cant screw up his face like a normal person with bad plastic surgery .

    is so obvious he has done chemical peels , and streching his face , he is still young ,i dont see why he need to do this , but he ends destroying his looks.

  7. The picture on the left is a few years old. You obiviously haven’t seen any of the pictures from the recent European tour. I also listened to the Velvet Revolver cd but there was one thing missing…the voice of Axl Rose. Scott Weiland sucks!!!

  8. axl was about 29 on the “rolling stone” picture….the other pic is from 2002 (40 years old)….he doesn´t look like that anymore but he still looks weird….

  9. I went to a Guns n’ Roses concert last Saturday in Sydney. Axl looked better than ever and sounded like never before. The whole night was awesome, I loved it.

  10. JAJA
    esta viejo! el tiempo pasa, es solo eso.
    igual esa foto es vieja, y hay q reconocer q bien no salio. obviamente q ya no va a volver a ser el cantante q era antes! hay fotos nuevs d l ahora, y la verdad q tanto no cambio.
    a pesar de los años, sigue siendo una figura del rock!

  11. Hi, I came across your site and when I read the part about Axl I noticed that you were bashing him about his appearance while making TYPING ERRORS like when you said

    “Therefore, I’ve never, ever like Guns ‘n’ Roses”—–you should’ve put—–“Therefore, I’ve never really liked Guns ‘n’ Roses”
    and also when you said—-
    “I’ve never known the guy personally, so I guess it’s not him in particular that I really hate, but I can’t stand his voice. Therefore, I’ve never, ever like Guns ‘n’ Roses. Which is a shame, because as a band — musically — they’re pretty awesome. (I love Velvet Revolver – the same band with former Stone Temple Pilots’ frontman Scott Weiland in place of Axl.)”

    —This whole first paragraph is a CONTRADICTION in itself!!! you say that you DON’T LIKE THEM… but then you say they’re awesome? which is it???

    I find that Axl ALTHOUGH he has gotten older, you have to consider his lifestyle… (do you know PERSONALLY that he FOR SURE had plastic surgery done… can you prove it other than pictures?) Did you think that he might look like that because he is much older now and when you age your face changes, and he is a red head which means that he won’t look like most other celeb’s!!!! try not to judge others when you can’t type or consider facts….

  12. Stop (!) caring about his looks… He can do whatever he wants to with his face. Whatever, I don’t care. We all know him because of his music remember??
    And doesn’t everybody ever had a picture where your looks really weren’t allright; because of the light or of the state you were in, and so on… I mean, come on.
    His music made me care about something… And this kind of music must be remembered, because it isn’t comparable with those ‘pop-celebs’ nowadays who are only famous for 5 years. Stop judging people anyway.
    I love him,
    guns n’ roses and their music.

  13. dude shut the fuck up. first, his voice is incredible nd u need 2 be knocked out for even impling its not. second, thats a bad pic nd hes not gettin any younger…..the plastic surgery thing is bullshit nd your just hatin on axl b/c you dont have millions of adoring fans (nd u havent for the past 20+ years either!)

  14. Axl still looks fabulous and his voice was amazing….it was far far beyond my expectation. Went to his concert last year. A 46 year old man and still look this good with a good abs….love you always Axl…

  15. Man YOU SUCK! Do you really wanna know what happened to him? He is getting old…Do u know what it means? You retard.. Time pass by..for me, for you..and for anyone. Every second, time, moment, minute..including now that u are sitted right there with this dirty ass in this chair reading this fucking message. People get old..as u are gettin´ right now. So..Fuck u stupid man.. Axl Rose didn´t do any kind of plastic surgery.. i can garantee everybody of that.. and go to suck Scott Weirdland´s Dick mother fucker!

  16. I loved how I looked when I was so much younger, I would give so much for just ONE day to look that way again. I am 46 now and SHOULD have surgery LOL! Who cares if Axl had stuff done or if not. Almost anyone can play a guitar or drums~~~hard but can be done, only a few can REALLY sing and thats what makes a band. Caio, Bella

  17. wow get rid of thst lame who is doging axl for having a bad hair day. we all have had bad pitures we dont like i love axl rose rose and besides its what inside that counts

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