So WordPress has this filter that catches spam from solicitors posting comments that are full of links to various pharmacutical websites, or porn websites, or insurance websites, or really any website that’s selling anything. Some of these comments are just blatant, with a whole list of links to various places.

But the fun spam comments are those that try to hide the fact that they’re spam. They’ll have a link to the site they’re peddling but their comment will be something complimentary about the blog. The hilarious thing is that clearly very few of the people who leave these comments are very well versed in the English language. And those that can construct complete sentences are so complimentary, it’s comical.

So, please enjoy the following examples of some of these comments. They’re all cut and pasted exactly has they appear in my folder.

  • like your site ! Its very well !
  • i try to find something at and take it on your site…thanks
  • Great job guys… Thank for you work…
  • looking for information and found it at this great site.
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  • This is one of the best sites I have ever found. Thanks!!! Very nice and informal. I enjoy being here.
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  • Updated: 6.21.06

  • This is a cool site! Thanks and wish you better luck! Brilliant but simple idea.
  • Interesting, but navigation system is a little bit confusing
  • Hello, nice site look this: [links to computer/business/shopping/etc.] End ^) See you
  • I’m love this great website. Many thanks guy
  • Sehr guten site. Alles arbeitet deutlich(klar), schon eben storungsfrei. Wer machte? Vielleicht vom Weg?
  • Hello, Admin! You are the best!!! Congratulations. Best regards from regular visitor of your site. 😉
  • Super site ! Bravo au webmaster qui a su rendre le site tres interressant.Continue comme ca 😉
  • Hi! Your site appeared very useful to me. Excellent work, thanks.
  • I’ll be sure to come back and add more of these as they’re posted. But if anyone wants a website where they can buy Xanax or Levitra, just start a blog and in no time you’ll be getting links to all these things. Not to mention the links to “disney cartoon sex picdisney cartoon sex pictureadult cartoon disney free sexadult disney sex cartoondisney cartoon having sex.”

    What the hell is Disney sex? Old pictures of Walt with his secretary? Who would really want to see a picture of Pluto and Goofy tag-teaming Daisy Duck? For crying out loud, what has this world come to?

    8 thoughts on “Akismet Spam

    1. great post…..even ive wondered at times what Disney sex and all those wierd words strung together have come to mean…Very needed information found here, thank you for your work….. 😛

      hope u dun categorize this as SPAM …

    2. as a lover (and when i say lover i mean admirer…) of all things Disney I am a bit upset at this time… is nothing sacred for crying out loud!!!

      other than that, your site is easy to navigate and one of the best i’ve found. it’s very well.

    3. This reminds me of a great website called engrish dot com. (Obviously, this isn’t a spam message, as no spammer and/or spamming computer would be clever enough to spell out “dot” That really takes a friggin genious). The site has fantastic advertisements that were “translated” into English. It’s Hi-larious. Enjoy!

    4. And, yes, I MEANT to spell genius wrong. That was to throw you off as to how MUCH of a genius I actually am.
      Curling up in embarassment now…..


      I get these all the time and the phrase has almost become an internet meme of sorts. I found this blog by searching for “hello nice site” and laughed at the disney sex comment 😦

      Furries are ruining the internet 😦

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