There it is, I said it. Sarah Silverman makes me feel like I did when I was little and I used to hide behind the couch with the Sears catalog and look at the pictures of women in bras.

I mean first of all, Sarah Silverman is hot.

Second of all, she’s funnier than any woman I’ve ever heard before. And nothing is sexier than funny. Plain and simple. If you make me laugh, I’ll love you forever. (So take note ladies.)

With that said, here’s a little song Sarah Silverman wrote for me.

55 thoughts on “I’m in love with Sarah Silverman

  1. I have a really hard time “getting” her humor. I’m not sure if this means I’m unfunny or dead inside, but I find myself cocking my head to the side and looking strangely at the television whenever she’s on.

  2. hahah you are a dumbass and prove why Sarah is a genius. See, your comment was racist, and not funny, so you look like a dickhead. Sarah, on the other hand, brings comedy into taboo issues which forces us to comfront them.

    Way to go, jerk.

    1. taboo issues addressed without taste or tact is what she purveys rather than wit. She’s the comedienne version of a shock jock. It’s the downward spiral of pop culture.

  3. I don’t understand, why you see the statement “But being goodlooking and jewish is unusal! ” so offensive. Could it be that the poster actually believes that beautiful Jewish women are in fact a rarity? And perhaps that too is a taboo subject that should be we should be honest about and confront? There must be some reason why Jewish males so often marry non-Jewish women.

  4. Just saw Jesus is Magic . . . well, most of it. If I was going to do a comedy special, I am assuming that this was her best work, but only about 20% of it was funny. Not laugh out loud. Hell, even the audience wasn’t laughing most of the time. Her delivery was horrible and her good 30 second jokes would be stretched out to 5 minutes.

    The irony of her racist “edginess” is that the only reason she has her own special is that she is a good-looking, well-connected, white girl.

  5. Silverman just made me think of this quote:

    “Let’s put it this way: If I was as funny as Jay Mohr, would I have
    gotten on Saturday Night Live? Let’s be honest…. if I was as funny
    as Jay Mohr on my best night, every night with that material, would I
    have gotten on Saturday Night Live? I wouldn’t have gotten an

    Chris Rock

  6. Sarah Silverman sucks. Completely. She thinks being “shocking” and “provocative” is the same thing as funny.

    “Oops! I just said a racist word! Isn’t that, like, so totally shocking!?”


  7. Just watched the Jesus is Magic video. The good part was that I didn’t need to walk out of a theater past people. Instead I fast forwarded through the boring stuff.

    They’re all the EXACT same joke. Which while she might have a little humour in her, she’s repetitive. And boring.

    Mildly attractive turns to *yawn* when I realized that I wasn’t going to laugh once through her entire “show.” It is truly quite easy to site through this entire video and never laugh.

  8. Sarah Silverman is not funny. She is really really annoying. She’s uppity for no good reason and would probably be funnier if she stood on a stage for an our with a roll of socks stuffed in her stupid mouth.

  9. Man, there are a lot of people who really don’t like Sarah Silverman.

    I stand by it though. I think she’s funny. Maybe that makes me an idiot, I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t seen enough of her stuff. (I’ve never seen her Jesus Is Magic movie, so maybe that would make me change my mind.

    But right now, I think she’s funny. Of course, it helps that she’s sorta hot, but still.

  10. Sara silverman is not hot. The only thing she has going for her is that she is not fat. She is the most repulsive person alive. She thinks if she says something inapropriat that she is being funny. Any women who has no class or self-respect could recite any joke of hers and get a response based on their sex appeal.She has no personality and loks like she doesen’t wash herself. She is nasty.

  11. She isn’t funny. She attempts to use shock humor, but just gives shock with no actual base of something funny to give it “omf”. She just thinkgs by going “poop” or “MLK, I am gonna make fun of him which will make me sound ground breaking and funny, AND SHOCKING!”

    She simply has minor flash, with no actual solid material.

  12. Stop thinking she’s funny because she’s (apparently) hot. If she were thirty pounds heavier and with a severe case of butterface, I’m sure you’d just find her repetitive humor a nuissance.

    It’s wrong to base a comedian’s success on their good looks, especially if they are of the opposite sex. It’s condescending. It’s like saying “gee, women aren’t usually funny at all, but since since she’s hot I’ll let her uninspired humor slide.” Good luck getting any girls with that mindset.

  13. Sarah Silverman is definitely not hot or funny. I just shake my head everytime i see her on t.v. What a wierdo. That wierd bit promoting her show where she imitates a retarded person just cause someone says same car? I don’t get it – what’s so funny about that. That’s what 12 year olds do (or those acting like 12 year olds and it’s not funny when they do it either.

    Now, i did see a guy named Dimitri Martin yesterday who was funny – and managed to do it without cursing or being racist/edgy whatever. That’s talent.

  14. I give her credit. She knows who to date-Jimmy Kimmel. She knows it’s smart to date a fellow Jew, and she knows that she can get away with telling racist jokes because of her connections and her Jewish background. Howard Stern does the same thing. She’s not funny at all, she rarely bathes ( news from an inside source), and she should be careful about bashing the founding religion of this great country.
    C U Next Tuesday

  15. She isn’t a good comedian. Her show is scripted, there is absolutely no shock factor whatsoever. She is being rude, to who, actors? Oh my god what a taboo!
    She isn’t funny, and just because she is decent looking doesn’t mean she has any talent.

    Whoever says her looks don’t have an effect on what people think about her; shut up. In this society, they matter, oh how they matter.

    Her comedy isn’t even funny, she’s just a bitch, who says crude, inappropriate things in front of paid actors, and pretends that she is totally badass.

  16. Sarah Silverman is NOT shocking, unless you’re a 12 year old girl or an ageing christian, she’s NOT funny, unless you’re another lame tattooed riot grrl who says dumb ass things like she’s bad ass, and she’s certainly not innovative, unless of course you actually think she invented irony and sarcasm, which I’m pretty sure she didn’t. In fact, the only thing offensive about her is her unforgiveably smug, self satisfied delivery.
    Also, I don’t understand these people that think she is hot. She looks like Melissa Rivers for cripes sake, is Melissa Rivers hot?! Did anyone notice that in the music video sections of Jesus is Magic, where she was supposed to be all done up, she looks like a friggin tranny. To make matters worse, she clearly thinks she the hottest thing in the world. It’s pure madness. To quote Cary Grant ‘Tell her that her poetry smells and kick her down the stairs.’
    I suddenly understand one of the entries in Franz Kafkas diary: Burn it. Burn it all.

  17. Sarah Silverman is nothing more than pampered white trash. She appeals to the hipster/feminist generation that believes nihilistic, uncaring sarcasm is a good approach to life – and that the more uninterested you appear to be makes you all the more intelligent. She makes me want to vomit when I see her trashy, feminist ass peddling her weak “comedy” while everyone is just paying to see her body. WEAK.

  18. Having sex with weak-ass talk show hosts some how must have worked out. Sarah in her so called racist and edgy act is sadly sucking oh so much. She’s like your retarded cousin you have to put up with at Christmas. And I’m not talking about an actual cousin with mental retardation but a cousin that went to a fancy school and majored in drama who you have to pretend is funny and because she’s on the verge of being sent to mental health institution and your mother makes you treat her like she’s got some kind of gift because it’s her sad sack of shit neice.

  19. Sarah Silverman is not hot…. shes ugly, and shes not funny.. she must have some bad ass connects or suck some good ass dick.

  20. Plain and simple, Sarah Silverman will be all but a faint, unpleasantly odorous pop culture memory within the next 3-4 years.

    No real talent + nothing to say + no real cultural impact = no staying power.

    Basing a “career” on becoming a ooh-she’s-kinda-hot, hey-I’m-a-crazy-Jewish-girl, lookit-me-say-naughty-words, faux-female-Borat ain’t no way to become the next Lenny Bruce, or whatever the hell she’s trying to do.

    Sarah, please call Andrew Dice Clay. He wants his career arc back.

  21. “In fact, the only thing offensive about her is her unforgiveably smug, self satisfied delivery.”

    ..Destroy, Right on!

  22. .. i agree with more than half the people here. i find sarah lame and uninteresting.. she has no talent and quite frankly more than half of her “jokes” dont even make sense.. she needs to just quit while people are still putting up with her .. her show is pointless (i admit i watched on episode to see what it was about) .. and i will never watch it again .. please comedy central bring us TALENT!

  23. Well I’m not a comedian but, I know when something makes me laugh. She is probably a brilant comedy writer and I do find her funny, but, if she were an ugly short chubby girl I would not watch long enough to get the chuckle. Robin Williams she isn’t.

    (Red Sand Between my toes )
    (Summer Vacation in Outer Space)
    (“Martin Haku”)
    (Robin Williams 1984)

  24. is it just me or does it seem like the sarah silverman show seems like someone who is blind and deaf gave a person with A.D.D. their own TV show?

    This show sucks more than Pamela Anderson

  25. I think Ms. Silverman is probably talented and probably sexy, but her advertising campaign is so inane that I have a hard time either enjoying her or wanting to throw a Wii through my plasma.


    wanting a better campaign before I tune in. Go for it.

  26. Sarah Silverman BLOWS!!!! Her show is horrible, “Jesus is Magic” was horrible, and 95% of the people who have posted here have nailed her lame sense of humor.

    Her comedy career will last about as long as Tom Green’s. When you ask “Who’s Tom Green?” That’s what we’ll be saying about Silverman.

    Comedy is not about making lame racist/anti-queer jokes, and just because you’re Jewish you don’t get a pass when you’re racist towards Asians, Blacks and whoever else. (You only get a pass if you’re Black or Latino. *half-kidding*) That whole “shock” thing doesn’t work. It’s not funny to blurt out random inappropriate shit. She is so boring – I tried to give her a chance, I wanted her show to be funny, I wanted to laugh at “Jesus is Magic,” but all I can say is I was THOROUGHLY, thoroughly unimpressed.

  27. Sarah Silverman is a horrible comedian. They call her “the best young female comedian”, when shes what, 37 now? Since when is 37 young? And since when is a nappy, dirty, slut considered hot? thats what sarah silverman is, a nappy dirty slut. she banged her way to her own show, and hopefully this display of unfunniness buries her career. it a disgrace seeing her on TV making jokes about pubic hair, and farts. how funny. shes not hot, anybody who thinks she is probably looks like louie anderson.

  28. Lame, totally lame. I wanted to like her but can’t. She’s without merit. I regret the time I invested to find out how worthless she is. Please make her stop.

  29. I wanted to like her before i saw the show… but it’s boring and lame. i found myself trying to understand why the show was supposedly so funny. Sarah really sucks.

  30. For the record: sarah silverman is UGLY! I swear if she cut her hair short she’d look like a fucking guy! Just read DUDES post #36. Im inclined to agree. Since when the FUCK IS OLD AND NAPPY HOT!!!!!!!
    I dont think i could actually meet her in person; between her overly annoying voice and racist jokes id might end up hitting her! Please get her off the air someone! Its come to the point where every stupid commercial she does just makes my skin crawl! She will NEVER be funny and her show will NEVER be better than the Chappelle show!!! sarah SUCKS REAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLYY HARD!!!!!

  31. its ashame some of you geeks are so fucking horny youll call a piece of white trash like this hott… Are you really that desperate? Seriously the show is not funny at all, more ofensive than anything! i really hope she gets canceled

  32. I gave the Sarah Silverman show a shot.
    I watched the first episode.
    It was a terrible mistake.
    I want those wasted minutes back.
    I’ll never watch Jimmy Kimmel again.


    Nonetheless, I can’t stop looking at her . . . evil jews!

  34. The Sarah Silverman Program is the worst thing on TV besides incontinence commercials. But people with incontinence problems need those. The only people who need Sarah Silverman are probably mentally disabled miscreants and sexual deviants. Jimmy Kimmel probably has to wash his dick with acetone after hitting that. She’s got more hair on her arms than than Captain Lou Albano had on his back.

  35. Holy shit this is funny! Do you guys like come together and think up random disses. It really seems like you guys were offended by her. haha. Wow maybe you shouldn’t be watching this kinda stuff. The funniest part is you guys calling her ugly. Because she was 50 on the Maxim’s top 100. Haha idiots, I’d like to see what kind of chicks you think are hot.

  36. She’s so ugly, her voice is repulsive as well as her laugh, I have not laughed at a single thing she has done, and her humor is so outdated. Plus, to make fun of babies on the VMA’s is just desperate…I don’t care if they are Britney’s or my own…that is just low and desperate to call anybody’s children mistakes. The rest of her VMA performance was her saying ‘Oh wow’ like 50 times, pointing out famous people in the audience to get some applause, and just making a few sick, crude remarks. She was so awkward on stage and there were long pauses in between each ‘joke’ she tried to crack. Don’t understand why she was there when there are so many real comedians who have more talent in their pinky than they do in her trashy ass.

  37. sorry, I meant to say in that last sentence that ‘there are more comedians who have more talent in their pinkies than she does in her trashy ass.’

  38. “Sarah, on the other hand, brings comedy into taboo issues which forces us to comfront them.”

    Oh, taboo issues like feces and licking your dog’s ass?

    Wow, you must come from High Culture.

  39. The feces and licking your dog’s ass you talk about are obviously taken from ‘The Aristrocrats’ movie. Which has about 50 comedians telling the same joke in the most offensive way possible (which is the point of the joke, not to actually be funny).

    Sarahs persona of a sweet faced, biggoted, clueless, arrogrant racist somehow allows people to laugh at the rediculousness of the things that racist, biggoted and clueless people say. Anyone who judges a comedian on their looks is clueless. Anyone who thinks she’s offensive is probably a closet biggot (or doesn’t get irony). And anyone who doesn’t get her humour is probably a smelly Puerto Rican!

  40. sarah silverman is funny! it’s SMART JOKES. some people are obviously too stupid to understand.
    it’s funny because she acts naive and like she’s not in on her own jokes but that makes it funny. she’s making fun of racism itself.

  41. When so many people have to “debate” whether a comedian is funny or not, it becomes pretty obvious that the “comedian” is not so much funny as the are difficult to understand.
    Being “funny” is about being able to communicate ideas and observations in ways that can be seen or understood similarly by those listening to what is being said as it is by the person making the communication. Very technical, I know; but when people are truly “funny”, they invoke laughter, not confusion. Sara Silverman is hot and would make a great fuck but i can’t imagine myself laughing, at least honestly, at her “humor”.

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