I considered not posting this one, but I feel I sort of have to. Everyone likes to watch a train wreck, right? Here’s the Britney Spears birthing statue from behind. If you haven’t seen the first post, click here.

I gotta warn you, this is the more graphic shot of the statue where you can see the crown of the baby poking out of her…well, you know. Va-jay-jay.
Proceed down with caution.



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27 thoughts on “Warning: Nude Britney Spears Statue (The “other” view)

  1. “oh baby/baby….how was i supposed to know….

    that some random dude would make a statue of you crowning while I’m bent over like a hoochie and that some people would consider this art and oh god what are you going to think of this when you’re older but i suppose it doesn’t really matter since you already have so much other baggage to deal with what with being your whitetrash father’s and mine’s son not to mention that little incident with me driving off with you sitting in my lap and all the grief you’re going to have to live with just because you are my son……”


  2. Will the next sculpture be of the baby falling straight out and onto his head? And then perhaps he can sculpt some social services people running in to finally take the child away….

  3. Just give it a rest… don’t you all have more to do than complain about a statue? Have you ever looked closely at egyptian art? Which is worse this statue or egyptian art showing people actualy having sex with other people, and animal……

    I’ll give you a suggestion. If you don’t want brittany around, ignore her and she will go away.


  4. Britney Spears engaged My Prerogative Kevin Federline courts a bit of controversy with her latest video, “Everytime,” in which her wrist spontaneously starts bleeding. The video which premiered on April Avril Lavigne 12th on “TRL,” just one Kevin Federline day after Easter was explained by Spears to Kevin Federline be more like a movie. “It’s different than anything I’ve ever done. It’s dark, and it shows me in a different light. Of course, I’m going to go back and do dancer Kevin Federline videos of Kevin Federline, but I wanted to be inspired and challenged.”

  5. More britanny, more! Bravo.. I laughed I cried, I couldn’t get enough. This is art! Oh britanny you’ve crossed into, well like the guy who put a cross in jug of urine! or when Maple shoved a whip up his ass and made scary hands shapes Wow! You should keep that piece of shit, (i mean that lovingly) in your house where you can look at it every fucking day! Although it would be nice to see your bulging anus too.

  6. It’s a shame to say this is art. To simply put this, the sculpture is more frog-like than anything else, why would anyone want something like that to portray you doing something like that…………..uuuuughh!!

  7. Art is truly in the eye of the beholder, all our art is hand made in the US, much of our nude male statues and nude female

    statue art is from the Roman and Greek period. The Roman Statue and Greek Statues are very tasteful and elegant. We at Neo-Mfg.com

    can not discount this art as it is very well done, just can not see it on display in someone’s home. Art is in the eye of the beholder and we are sure it is just a monument.

    Always remember American Freedom to express yourself

  8. I think this is absolutley beatuiful because this is where it began for billions of people since the dawn of civilization……..there is nothing new or unique about it….so all of you who are so easily impressed or disgusted……….get a goddam life!

  9. I think this is very well done. It could have been anyone, Britney Spears or some stranger that chose to allow someone to watch her in the most intimate moment of her life, but whoever it is, it’s beautiful and creative and the artist must have had a steady hand and a mindful eye. Kudos.

  10. Do you people have nothing better to do you obviously haven’t had children or you would understand the emotional rollercoaster you go through afterwards has anyone stopped to consider that she may have suffered post natal depression that has spiralled out of control not to be helped by the media making up whatever they like about her and birth is just like the statue states how else do you think you get the watermelon out of the pea!!!!Do you think everything is perfect and clean and we just slip it out like we are taking a quick pee. For goodness sake grow up and take a look at yourselves before you demolish other peoples lives.

  11. The doggystyle comment is exactly what I was thinking. Yeah… beauty is in the eye of the beholder… or maybe the beer holder… I’d need a lot of alcohol to be convinced this is art and not just a shameless, tasteless publicity stunt.

  12. Why is britney spears immortalized in a statue having natural childbirth when she had c sections w/ both her kids? She has proven time and time again she is not a good mother so why is she a flippin statue?

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