My friend Derek sent me a link to this site, which is a museum of the worst album covers.

There are quite a few of them. Some of them are really awful, like this one, for example:

I’m pretty sure Menudo have never actually put out a cool album cover. But those are some cool shirts.


However, at least they’re actually wearing shirts. This guy, who I guess is actually a really good flutist, may look like he’s wearing a sweater, but he’s not.


But now here’s one that I’m not sure belongs in a worst album cover category. Hell, I’d probably buy this album based entirely on the cover.

Head to the site and vote for the covers you think really are the worst.

6 thoughts on “Worst Album Covers of All Time

  1. I totally remember that Menudo cover, I think my older cousin had it as a poster. She would moon over them for hours. I thought she was weird but I was five and boys were still stinky to me.

    That last one…well, there just aren’t words. I wonder if the pooh-man is any good at scat, I mean skat.

  2. Oh, yeah. It’s much cooler to copy a little teenage girly-boy like “Justine” or think that Lady “Gag-Gag” is a great dresser.

    You want hilarious? Look at yourselves and those you admire today.

    (I can’t believe people are still upset over Menudo. Get over it already.)

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