I was rummaging through some old writing folders and came across this. I’m really not sure why I started writing it. Likewise, I have no idea what to do with it. So I thought I’d just post it here. It’s an interesting piece which I’d enjoy reading some reaction to.

If the Road Less Traveled Is Closed For Repairs

It was sad, really, to think about how little had been accomplished in such a long period of time. She had dreams, sure. But everyone had dreams. She had ambition, too, though. Not everyone had that. But what she didn’t have was direction. No, she had none of that. No one told her what her potential was. No one told her how to go about something.

She didn’t think to ask.

It was sad, really, to think about how much she had sacrificed in such a short period of time. How was it possible to have lost so much? How was it possible to have gained so little? She knew that she’d have a challenge in front of her. She knew that in order to succeed, she’d have to try again.

She didn’t hesitate.

It wasn’t really a question of sadness, it was more a question of madness. She’d been on this path for so long, she forgot what her destination was. She hadn’t even seen a map in ages. Her sense of direction, though historically keen, was disabled. Her only hope was her persistence.

She pressed on.

She was glad, really, that she chose this direction. It would lead her somewhere. Of course, she had long passed her original target. But she didn’t care. Hell, she didn’t even know. She just wanted to see what happened next. And it was what happened next that took away all that she’d wanted.

The road ended.

It didn’t matter, really, that this was the end. The journey was complete. She had gained so much along the way that she didn’t honestly think she could take in much more. All that knowledge to comprehend had left her head in a spin. She didn’t want to travel any further.

She felt relief.

Then it happened, then it clicked. She didn’t know that it would be this easy to understand, to see it, to regain all that she thought she’d lost. She never knew what it meant to be lost until she was found. But even that wasn’t enough. She had to be the one to find herself. She was all that mattered. She was the one. She was the only one.

She stood.

A quick spin, a glance to the sky, and a hearty bellow from that spot in the body that everyone forgets about. Everyone except for her. She’s always known it was there, she just needed a reason to dig down and find it. She just needed a reason to look for a new path. She just needed a reason to ask, to not hesitate, to press on, to find a new path. She just needed a reason to stand up. Now, she needed a reason not to continue.

She had no reason.

It was done. Like the smell of a reupholstered easy chair, she permeated the atmosphere with her multi-colored bursts of beauty. How she was able to project these auras was unclear.

One thing was clear.

She had discovered a new path. It was new hope. It was new ideas. It was new scenery. It was all new. And new was good. New was so very good that it almost made her laugh out loud. How would she express what she’s feeling right now to those who would never understand where she had been? That didn’t matter. It wasn’t important to express it to others. All that was important was that she knew where she had been. And all that was important after that came down to one thing.

She would never give up.

2 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled Is Closed For Repairs

  1. I have been to your blog a few times and find it to be very funny and extremely well written (especially to a hack like me…).

    This piece, however, is spectacluar. I read a lot of stuff from many different venues and/or mediums and am always looking for something that will inspire or move me, and this has done just that.

    Keep them coming!!

  2. The longer paragraphs seem to play with the shorter one liners, intersecting and expanding on the thoughts. But either could be read without the other and still make sense. Nicely done.

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