Christmas is just days away.

For my Hannukah celebrating friends, of which there are many, I wish you a happy eight days.

Regardless of what we celebrate, and I’m going to avoid the whole topic of what’s polically correct or not, we all look forward to the holiday season. Whether it’s because we love to get gifts, give gifts, or just have time to be together with friends and family, it’s a fun time of year for most of us.

Personally, I enjoy the season for one reason: a lot more women wear skirts with those almost knee high leather boots. I just love those things. I’m not sure what it is about that look, but I’ve always been a fan.

I can’t help but wonder though, where do particular tastes for particular looks come from? Could this particular “fetish” have stemmed from being a fan of superhero shows as I went through puberty? Shows where female superheros (Batgirl, Wonder Woman) wore very little in the way of clothing but what they did wear included sexy heeled boots?

I think I blame Wonder Woman more than anything.

But regardless, the tall boots and skirt, that’s just a good look. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

What else do I love about the holiday season? Shrimp. Every year on Christmas Eve my family has gathered to celebrate and every year we have a shrimp tray laid out as an appetizer and every year that shrimp lasts about as long as free donuts in the work place. You’ve really got to get in there and stake a spot near the table lest Uncle Joe make a dent in the shrimp so big that the ocean will call to say that they’re running out of shrimp. If it’s not Uncle Joe, it’s Uncle John. Of course Aunt Barb and Aunt Gloria aren’t exactly inoccent bystanders in the shrimp attack either. But then again, there are cousins to look out for as well. Clare, though soft-spoken and stealthy in her approach, is probably the most dangerous, having learned from her big sister. But Dan and Matt are sophomores in college now, so they have no shame when it comes to hoarding food. What I should do is post the picture of Dan in his red holiday sweater vest. But since it’s the season for giving, I think I’ll spare him that embarrassment.

I do love the holidays. And as I get older I enjoy them more for the memories of Christmases past. Traditions change, as do the people who join the celebrations. But the thing that stays the same year after year is the enjoyment of the moment.

I’m particularly looking forward to the Christmas in Rockford this year because of the gift I bought for the grab bag. Of course, being as how my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Tricia are regular readers here, I can’t give away exactly what the gift is. But rest assured, it’s fun. It’s not the sort of thing that anyone would actually buy for themselves, but it’s defintely something they’d all want. Whether they admit it or not.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing a couple of the things about Christmas that I enjoy. And you know what? Screw it, here’s the picture of my cousin Dan.

5 thoughts on “Holiday footwear and shrimp to boot.

  1. “Personally, I enjoy the season for one reason: a lot more women where skirts with those almost knee high leather boots.”

    Mikey, what’s wrong with this sentence?! I would have expected more from you…

    Just playing with you brother, merry christmas and have a happy new year!!

  2. Oooh, Atle, nice catch. How embarrassing for me. I’m gonna go back and change that right now. I’ll leave it as is in your comment though, let people know the error existed in the first place.

    Merry Christmas to you too, my friend. All the best.

  3. Truth be known: I am Buddhist, I still enjoy the holiday season cuz I get to be with friends and family and still get lots of nice presents … and share the joy with them.

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