I read this today and my stomach sort of got tied up in knots. This guy is planning on making a movie about John Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman.

Chapman is the man responsible for one of my earliest childhood traumas.

But it’s not like the movie is going to glorify him, how could it? And who knows, perhaps it might even be interesting. But it seems to me that this is something that almost doesn’t need to be explored. I mean it’s pretty much a clear cut case of a fan becoming so obsessive that in his own mind, the only way he could express his adoration was to take the life belonging to the focus of his fanaticism.

But then again, is it? I’ve been doing some reading of transcripts of interviews and parole hearings of Chapman’s and one thing is clear, his actions were absolutely premeditated. In fact, he had made the trip to New York City months earlier to do the same thing, but couldn’t go through with it. As time passed, however, his mind got the better of him and he heard a voice say, “Just do it.”

He claims to have been inspired by J.D. Salinger’s novel, “The Catcher In the Rye.” Holden Caulfield is a character, as described in the link above, that hates phonies. And perhaps Chapman did think that Lennon was a phony, but he was also a documented fan. His belief that Lennon is a phony is, in my mind, a self-serving device used to justify his increasingly obsessive infatuation with the man. I believe it got to the point where he wanted so badly to become part of John Lennon’s world so badly, that it was almost as if he wanted to be him. And since actually becoming him is an impossibility, being the person to end him might be the next best thing.

I don’t know. I can’t decide if I’m indifferent to this or what. One thing it does do is give Chapman another level of fame. It will introduce him to a group of people to whom his name is not known. At the time of the killing, this was one of his motivations. To acheive fame and noteriety. He says as much in his parole hearing.

I guess that by even writing this right now, I’m betraying the emotions within me that think the making of this movie is preposterous. In otherwords, I’m giving him additional face time. But I also haven’t necessarily formed an opinion. I’m curious to know what others think.

The thing about the film is that they’re introducing a fictional teenage, female character that will serve as the conduit that allows the movie-goer to get into his head. I suppose this will help the Chapman character reveal himself more naturally in the film. Frankly, I’m not sure that any screenwriter could get to the bottom of Chapman’s paranoid schitzophrenic tendencies well enough to do a recreation of this. Therefore I think that I’m of the opinion that it should be let go.

There are a lot of messed up people out there who do a lot of messed up things. This one just happened to do it to one of (if not the) biggest icons in the world. John Lennon had a presence that we haven’t seen since. He wasn’t far off when he said that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. To many people, he was Jesus.

There was an interesting part of the Chapman parole hearing where he talks about whether or not he thinks John Lennon would want him to go free. Chapman said that he thought about this for a long time, but he thinks he would want him to be set free. Chapman pointed out that John Lennon was a liberal and that setting him free would go along with his beliefs. But to his credit, Chapman did say that he himself was a conservative and actually thinks that he has no right to even be alive considering what he did.

I, for one, hope he never gets out. I don’t even necessarily want to lock myself in a cell with him with the intention of causing him harm. What good would that do? He already knows that there’s a world full of people who’d like that opportunity.

I just don’t know if opening this wound by producing a movie about the guy who inflicted pain onto so many through an act so thought out would accomplish anything.

I don’t know. I also feel that this whole post is a little jumbled. It’s always hard for me to write about things that are so close to my heart, know what I mean? For whatever reason, John Lennon was a hero to me. Maybe it’s only because of the dramatic way in which he was killed while I was still so young and impressionable; maybe it’s because of the fact that I used to lay on the sofa in the living room listening to Beatle records and pretend to fall asleep so that my dad would let me lay there until the records were over; maybe it’s because I feel I can relate to him in some unknown way. Who knows.

Sorry for my rant. But I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this as well.


Chapman Parole transcript
Interview where he discusses his time in police custody

50 thoughts on “Mark David Chapman movie – WTF?

  1. I find Mark Chapman disgusting and think he should remain in prison for the rest of his life, without being able to create a cult of fans (like Charles Manson did) that relate to him through a stupid movie. He should be forced to pay all royalties (if there are any) from the movie to charities.

    1. haha I enjoyed that 🙂

      but yeah I don’t see how John Lennon’s death did us a favor, in fact it did the opposite. We had yet so many things to learn from him and this loving and peaceful man’s life was taken away. How can someone be happy that an innocent life was destroyed because the stupidity of unpeaceful souls.

  2. I Was speaking for myself.

    The rest of your deliberately provocative message, as you should know, isn’t worth a kind/time consuming response.

  3. It sounds like the guy who signed in “robert smith” is himself a lot like Chapman. He probably idolized Lennon until he found out Lennon was human, and then hated him for it. Sorry, rob, but while Lennon was “the dreamweaver” he was also John Lennon, a human being in all his brutal honesty. I think a safer hero for you would be George W. Bush, a man who makes his own reality. As for the Chapman film, it sounds awful. The only purpose it might serve is to help maintain the public ire that will keep him behind bars for the rest of his unnatural life.

  4. Mark Chapman was seriously mentally ill when he committed the heinous act of murder. Since then, I have seen many commit murder with no mental illness, only to be parolled and commit a second crime. Just because their victims were not famous, doesn’t make their deaths any less tragic. John Lennon was loved many, me included. So I can see why people feel so strongly about his killer. Almost as if someone you knew personally was gunned down. But don’t waste your anger or energy on someone who will never see the street. Worry about our revolving door criminal justice system which lets murderers and sex offenders back into our neighborhoods instead. I’m quite certain Chapman thinks the idea of this movie sounds awful also.

  5. “Speak for yourself, Mark David Chapman did the world a favor, I don’t think we can thank him enough”, Robert says on Dec 15, 2005. It is a sick sick world we live in when someone responds to someones death as stated above. Granted everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is a human life that was taken prematurely. How could someone be so cold and heartless. John Lennon was taken away from all of us while that madman remains alive. If Mr. Chapman were smart he’d remain right where he is at least in prison he is safe from all who feel his life should have ended just as the life he took. John Lennon 4ever!!!

  6. Whoever thinks that This crackpot did the world a favor should be in a cell beside him. YOU should be jailed for even saying that, you stupid idiot!!! John Lennon was an icon, a music revelutionary, and you mock his unfortunate death at the hands of a lunatic with praise for his phsycotic actions? Freedom of speech is all good and well, but some things need not be said…GO TO HELL ROBERT SMITH…ASSHOLE!!!

  7. And furthermore, you stupid ass-clown, I wish someone in your family had to endure that kind of pain…I really do not think you would be so inclined to spew the bull you so eleqeuntly spewed earlier…Once again Shitty Steve.You are an ASSHOLE!!!

  8. to hell with Lennon, all he did was preach weak Jew idles such as peace and tolerance, and unfortunately that is accepted by people such as your selves, im an idiot? Why because I actually have my own opinions and am not sucking a dead mans balls? Because I’m not a product of the media and don’t believe in things like equality? You are the idiot.

  9. People die every day who were ten time more important than Lennon who served there countries, and communities, who contribute to society and have families, you ask me to have sympathy for his family? Ha! Where are the memorials and TV specials for the dead fireman, or the military men, or even just the family man who goes to work every day to feed his kid and wife and can barely make his car insurance payments, all Lennon did was drugs, and talk out his ass about things he really knew nothing about, but unfortunately in America we have a bad habit of listing to retards.

    1. no one is more important than another. lennon’s death may have caused more traumatization than other deaths because so many people knew of him and of the things he has done. but seriously he’s famous, that’s why it made front cover. it’s not like he had control over that. besides would you really want everyone to make a big deal if someone in your family died? personally I would want my family to be left alone so that we could peacefully think about that person. I wouldn’t want ten thousand new reporters approaching me everyday to ask what I feel about the death or about “details”

      and about your last remark, I guess canadians don’t have that bad habit because we would never listen to you.

  10. well… can you imagine a world with lennon alive? it would be even more action pact with dirty hippies and liberal fags. i say mdc should have killed all the beatles…and the greatful dead, maybe abba. why you ask? why not?

    1. A world without the beatles… hmm…do you like music? Anything at all? If you do, SHUT UP and go listen to them instead of angering people spontaneously! The anger which now rages through my mind, my soul! I would punch you, but, as you might not know, being as senseless as you are, John Lennon promoted peace as we know it!What he did is none of your buisness,I suppose, it’s just really stupid to look at the glass full when it’s actually full! You know what? He should have killed you, instead of any others because you are inspiring the growth of anger and the raising of blood pressure! As I will never return to this site, and you don’t know who the hell I am, you can just shut up and go talk to your cat or something instead of killing the utter peace of the mind and spirit by inflicting the innocent with ruthless antagonizing!

  11. I hate Lennon and everything he stands for such liberal idiocy, but mark David Chapman was an idiot, I have no sympathy for Lennon, but I do not respect Chapman, mainly because he apologized for it. I think that by killing Lennon (unfortunately) Chapman gave his words more power and meaning to the idiot masses, if he hadn’t of killed him Lennon would have been forgotten and would probably died of a drug overdose in some fancy million dollar house and he wouldn’t have the following he has today.

  12. Hm, if I remember correctly. Lennon was sober since 1973,74 or so (from hard drugs) until his death. He was more in love with his son Sean (considering he kept to himself, Yoko, and Sean for five years until his last recording). Aparently message boards attract spiteful people who have to spread their hate. Take care Mike.


  13. He was a hero to me too. I think all of you who actually find it ok, or necesarry to bash something so close to my heart should really be feeling awful. How dare you? I’m so sad about this. I feel like crying just thinking about seeing that movie…’wtf’ is right. Take care.

  14. I agree with a lot of what Robert says, though not all of it, I am capable of independan thought and opinion forming.

    Bottom line is that Chapman was a very disturbed guy.

    I have witnessed several unjust paroles and releases from prison in my local area. People commit far worse crimes without mental health problems and they get away with their crimes after a short spell in the nick.

    The only reason Chapman won’t be released is due to the hatred shown by beatles’ fans. He is being kept inside for *his own* safety.

    Chapman was gone in the head and in my very humble opinion, I think that Lenon’s murder could have been prevented had he been treated and/or sectioned for his mental illness early on.

    Lennon was an ‘inspiration’ to many, but his views woul have been the same whether he had talent or not.

    There are thousands of Lennons out there being killed, past and present. That’s life.

  15. Mr. Lightfoot’s (apparent) manic anxiety aside, murder is more than madness, obsession and opportunity. Murder of a movement’s lantern certainly insinuates shades and machinations of assassination in that day and age of cultural coercion.

    Darkness dreary sorrow of liberal lament set to the Morning in America media blitrz a mere month of tomorrows later.

    Not even a Bonzo’s ounce of integrity remained of dissent’s scent among the Left bereft in the barren banality of a barrel full of monkeys loosed upon the jungle of our blindered brows.

    Convenient is rarely a term that history honors — but conveniently, bullets and hope have been married and mortgaged as the American Dreamsicle freezing our mental real estate to the ballet of silent no-deal handshakes that only nervous eyes can make.

    Apathy is the epithet hurled by the world gasping wonder-whys and watch-us-dies in our filthy fear of a rifle’s retort in lieu of liberal debate. America is long lost for lack of a vision hopeful or even the last straws of a Lennon’s love. No connivance of patriotism, war or wanton greed will redeem the parking slip of the armored limo idling on our bottlenecked future.

  16. I will probably go see the movie. It’s tragic that John Lennons life was cut short, but no worse than my friend dying earlier this year, a father getting run over, a beggar freezing to death or a mother having a miscarriage. You don’t mourn for these people, they’re anonymous. These people believed, loved, gave, ate, talked, made mistakes, cryed laughed and lived. So did Lennon, but we heard about him because he was famous. If the father who got run over was famous, we’d mourn for him too.

    I think Chapman should be released. I don’t think he ever will be. But imagine spending most of your life in a small cell, unable to get up when you want, walk down the street to get a paper, go on a holiday, have home cooked meals, spend Christmas with your family, ring friends up, take your dog for a walk- all those little things we don’t really appreciate. He should get a second chance. If he murdered his next door anonymous neighbour, he’d be out by now. It’s because Lennon was such an icon, as opposed to a working father who struggled to make ends meet.

  17. Well its obviouse that rob is one of those lost neonatzi idiots who dont have a clue what the world is about. Jap should read a little more before he decides to make and asss of himself with facts he knows nothing about. As for the movie and the rest, all of you who love lennon are giving Mark exactly what he wanted. He wanted to be somebody to be noticed he figured that by killing him he would. The fact that where still talking about him today is proof enough that he got what he wanted. The best way to punish him would simply for the media and people in genrall to stop talking about the guy. Let his fifteen minutes of fame be up.

  18. Sarah if it was your father he murdered or someone you knew. You wouldnt want him out now or ever. So get off the soap box. He may be in a cell but lennon is in a box and he will never see christmas or anyone again.

  19. Oh shut up. Lennon was going to die the same way Anna Nicole died anyway. Stupid hippie made the whole world a mad place. I hate the Beatles with all my heart. And yes, Mark David Chapman should be released. If you Lennon fans care so much about ~*love and peace*~ then give him a goddamn chance and stop PMSing on how there’s a movie about it. I saw it and I thought it was awesome. Jared Leto played a great role.

    1. Go to fucking hell, Lisa. You fucking mindless evil bitch! I hate you too. I want Mark Chapman tortured very slowly and painfully for 1 year. I would then make him eat his balls and slowly kill him and kick his head around a football ground in Liverpool.

  20. oh my god i cannot believe you people are soooo cold, this might be the most hateful message i have ever left.. but how could god create such evil people. This has made me realize that there are beings out there that dont want peace or love or caring or anything good in the world, you live for hatred, bloodshed, killing, pain and satanist ideals.

    to mark.. if you ever… ever.. get out of that cell you are in… il be waiting with my bat and my friends. I dont fear dying for a good cause.

  21. You guys realise that some people get their entertainment from baiting others? Don’t hate people who hate your heroes. They’re YOUR heroes and while you’re exercising your rights to free thinking, you’re judging others for doing the same.

    As to MY opinion, I don’t agree with making movies about losers unless there’s some important message that you need to get out. In this case, there’s no message that we need to hear. The guy was just an unimportant loser. Killing a famous person, doesn’t change that – he is still and will always be unimportant.

    Nobody mentioned the exploitative film makers who latch on to controversial material to generate a reaction and make more money. They too, are losers given that they are using this approach rather than try to do something with talent instead of controversay. Of course, the fact that this movie exists, says clearly that there’s no talent available.

    And what about the actors who read the script and signed up for it. What a great movie to have on your resume – losers.

  22. Bottom Line!

    John Lennon – Hero, a inspiration to the world.

    U.S.A – Idiots, mass muderers, afraid of peace.

    Mark Chapman – Well put it this way if he gets out im sure many people like me will not just kill him but they will torture him, i want to see him killed and i want to see the people who love him suffer.

    Robert Smith – Hahahahahahahahha Fool! Listen lad if you ever come to Liverpool and people find out what you have said, then u wont live any more you life will be taken away.

    Give peace a chance xxx

    1. I’m Canadian so I hope I don’t fall under that mass murder stereotype.

      But yeah I do agree that John Lennon was a hero and an inspiration to the world. He has changed my life even though I hadn’t even been alive when he was alive. His message is THAT powerful that it carries on through generations and maybe one day it will actually get into the people’s heads who haven’t yet realized the world we COULD be living in if we just give peace a chance. Just think, John Lennon could still be alive this day if some people weren’t so heartless, if everyone had listened to him and had made the change. He would still be here making an impact on our lives and inspiring the world the way he did. Imagine how different everyone lives would be right now.

      rest in PEACE john lennon, you have our LOVE forever xx

  23. George W. Bush —a hero????????????? In normal times, my sides were hurt from laughing. But these are not normal times and it’s all GWB’s fault. I haven’t had a good belly laugh since Bush stole the election, boasted of becoming, lied about 911, bombed a country that was not long out of the stone age back into the stone age, and murdered some one million innocent people in search of WMD and yellow cake ==both of which were glaringly NOT where Bush, a decider of self appointed omniscience, said they would be.

    I don’t whether to laugh or cry but when I’m done with either or both, I will pray we survive the goddamn sunovabitch!

  24. To release this film for public consumption will irrevocably satisfy whatever demon in Chapman that inspired him to kill a public figure to be noticed. It’s essentially validating the crime and glorifying the killer. It won’t matter how unflatteringly they portray him. He really DID just want to be noticed. His wavering in the months proceeding the crime indicates that he never really believed that he would be a “hero” for killing John Lennon in the name of Jesus, Holden Caulfield or whoever. It’s the classic paradox of the criminally insane; they must destroy the thing they love the most becuase they are incapable of Agape style (unconditional) love. They seek posession of a new and perfect self to replace the tarnished original they could never believe in. I’m sure my sentiment is shared by the throngs of Lennon fans and devotees that this film is an absolute tradgedy. Our fascination with morbidity facilitates its continuance.

  25. I usually don’t care about what other people think but John Lennon was fucking amazing. He had a lot of talent. Boo fucking hoo about the media. If people are that fucking talented maybe they deserve to be famous and make music that people like. Hell if I had a lot of talent and a lot of people listened to my music I would do the same thing as John did. It makes me sad what Mark did. If I heard this story and it was about someone else I’d probably feel sad too. It’s bullshit. How could someone do something like that??

  26. Is it true that ‘Roberta Smith’ sucked Mark David Chapmans balls ? Sounds like it to me.
    The world is full of people who say stupid things like Robert smith, he, and chapman are cut from the same cloth, they both just want attention, thats all.

  27. r smith

    May 1, 2006 at 10:09 pm
    “to hell with Lennon, all he did was preach weak Jew idles…”

    Ah now we see what we’re dealing with.
    Nobody should be shocked that a Nazi like r.smith thinks killing people who disagree with him is OK.

  28. Michelle, i lkike your attitude, robert smith, go be Chapman’s cell mate.

    John Lennon did not deserve to die, but as long as we keep the music alive he will be remembered.

  29. I am just so appalled and dismayed by what I have read here on this page!!
    I find Robert Smith’s attitude to be completely unbelievable and not something I could ever begin to relate to.
    Ok, so john Lennon did a couple of drugs in his youth, then he got married, had some kids and cleaned up his act and became concerned about our global community. Gee what a terrible person, eh?
    As to doing drugs in the sixties, where on this planet can you throw a stone and not hit someone about whom that is true? Maybe if Mr. smith and those who think as he does actually did a drug or two that stick they have shoved up their collective behinds would loosen and fall out! Then maybe they wouldn’t be so hateful, angry, jealous and just plain sour. Instead of sticking up for Lennon and going and on about his virtues, which i could do for hours. I will just say how sorry I feel for the misguided, hate mongers of this world. what awful, empty, meaningless lives they must live. I am so glad I don’t live in their world. I live in a place where decency, compassion and generosity still have value and everyone’s life is important!! even the lives of those who’d like to lord it over the rest of us and turn us into a bunch of little tyrants.

  30. I’ve only just started to learn about John’s death. My father had died March that year (I was 8) and our family was experiencing the worst Christmas of all time. Consequently any thought of John Lennon has always depressed the heck outta me, so I ignored the whole debarkle.

    Having got over that minor hurdle, I’ve been researching it thoroughly (which is how I happen to be here right now) and I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to put my thoughts if I may.

    I disagree with the idea of making a film about this, because I highly doubt that they’ll actually use the facts. I’m sure they’ll make Chapman out to be the ‘lone crazy gunman’, and I wholeheartedly believe that he wasn’t. I’ll put a few reasons why.

    Chapman was at ‘World Vision’ an evangelistic aid corporation on the surface, with more than one assassin appearing from the ranks (John and Reagan to name two). It is thought that it is a ‘cover’ for the CIA, and is linked with MKUltra (the mind control project).

    Now I know that you will think me a ‘conspiracy loon’, and I don’t blame you. The word ‘conspiracy’ makes me queazy too. After all, we have all had that bred into us from the age of four, so why should I be any different? But I’d like to prove that it could be done.

    I don’t know where any of you guys come from but I’m in the UK. We have a phenomenal ‘entertainer’ here called Derren Brown, and I urge you to find and watch ‘the Heist’ in which he enrolls general members of the public and over a period of a few weeks puts them on a ‘business training’ course. At the end of the programme at least 3 of these regular everyday citizens each hold up a security truck at gunpoint. None of them knew why they were doing it, but they all did exactly the same thing.

    I’m not denying that Chapman was a loon, merely suggesting that this would make him more susceptible to mind control. There’s also the fact that he’s never really given a valid reason for wanting John dead. Even now he’s saying things like maybe he did it to get back at his dad. If he was that obsessed, surely he’d have a little more to say on the matter?

    John Lennon was a threat to the ‘New World Order’. He needed to be stopped before he woke too many people up to what was going on – in my opinion.

    I think it’s high time that the real perpetrators of this crime were brought to justice. Not just on this but JFK, 9/11 and everything else. We’re fed lies and we deserve truths. John knew this. The peace movement died with him because the world got scared, so why not just make it so there’s too many of us to kill?? (‘yep, she’s a loon’ I hear you cry in unison)

    Once again I’m so sorry to randomly pip in you guys’ conversation, and thank you so much if you’ve managed to read it all.

    Love to All

  31. The whole thing is a terrible tragedy, for everyone.
    schizophrenia can be an horrific illness that can cause delusions the danger can come when suffers are left untreated. As for the criminally insane, incarceration is the only safe option. sadly in chapmans case he was not picked-up by the system untill it was to late for john lennon.

  32. I really really really really really really really really really really hope they dont.

    If you read about him thats excactly what he wants.

  33. right on kerry-ann! World vision was involved with 9/11 as well. Check out the Church that the Airphone Operator went to. They work with World Vision.

    To Robert: I feel sorry for you.

    To all the rest who say they want to kill Chapman and end with “give peace a chance” –talk about hipocrits!

    To everyone: whether or not you like the beatles or lennon; all the music you listen to has been affected by them. It’s like saying you hate picasso. (which is alright) just know that any art you do like (post-picasso) is what it is because of him (and Matisse)–and they only exist because of the artists before them….etc…

  34. I really don’t want to see this movie.
    John Lennon is like a hero to me. An inspiration. Death is a part of life no one can escape. Maybe he wasn’t a police man, a working father struggling, etc… But he was a person…A person who changed the way we listen to music today. And if we don’t appreciate that, then what do we appreciate? Mark David Chapman is a person (unfortunately)too, so I think he deserves freedom. The past is in the past. John isn’t really dead… I mean he still lives in his music and through-out the ppl. that love him.

  35. I personally love John Lennon and i believe whole heartedly what he stood for. He had such an amazing sense of humor, and genuinely cared about other peoples feelings. I dont think it matters if you are a fan of “free loving hippies” or not, he was a good person who made an honest living, its not your average joe’s working day… but being so famous im sure would have its set backs. he lived his life in fame so ofcoarse his death would be the same. if your a lennon fan or not i dont think it matters, he was a human being that had a life, family, and friends. this was completely taken away from him. his killer shouldnt be able to live his life when he took someone elses away. it doesnt matter if that person is famous or not.the whole thing absolutely breaks my heart. especially for the people on here that are saying these awful things. why waste
    your time? if you hate john lennon so badly then why are you even paying attention to this movie or anything that has to do with his life or death? shame on you. either way, i love john lennon and the beatles, regardless of what some ass hole thinks. im sure that john is very happy where he is, i know he has all the peace that his heart desires… xo

  36. I really feel what you’re saying and I think it’s a ridiculous idea to make a movie based on Mark Daved Chapman.

    I’m also reading alot of comments and some people are totaly just shitting all over John Lennon(okay you hate the guy but you care enough to talk about him huh?).. And people are just argueing back.. and yes I understand why because they feel hurt after all we all lost a wonderful man back in Dec.8 1980 and it’s a shame….
    But the point i’m trying to make is..
    Let’s stop talking about how David Chapman is a horrible man and how much of a scumbag he is (Even though sometimes you just can’t help it)because right now he is just rotting away and he deservs that.. We should all just let John Lennon Rest In Peace.. He changed our world and we will always love him for that.
    So let’s just give peace a chance.

    Rest In Peace John Lennon.
    You were a beautiful person;
    We will never forget you.

  37. buddy i think your about to bust a nut thinkin about lennon. seriously do someone worth while with your time instead of talking about a 30 year old fuckin murder you loser. get a life. get a girl. im glad he’s dead to.

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