So today is Columbus Day, and were it not for him, the name of my blog might be called something like “Because the World Is…Crap I’m Falling Off!”

So, let’s hear it for Christopher Columbus traveling the seven seas in search of gold and slaves and discovering that the world is in fact round, and not just a giant Risk board. Though he may one day go down in history as an evil man looking to save his own ass lest his creditors string it up, today is his day. A day on which many of us received vacation from school. So to us, he was a true hero. Forget the fact that he never even set foot on what is the North American continent, forget the fact he ripped 1200 Taino Indian natives from their families and homes on the island of Hispaniola and paraded them naked through the streets of Seville, Spain where they were sold as slaves, and forget that within 50 years the Taino Indians were extinct, essentially making Columbus guilty of genocide. Forget all that, because in 1742, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria became the three most famous vessels right up until we saw the Millenium Falcon, the pink helicopter from the TV show Riptide, and K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. But happy Columbus Day.

Also, ironically, yesterday was John Lennon’s birthday. And of course, Lennon was the Beatle who penned the song Because, for which this blog is named. Hopefully you all celebrated accordingly.

I feel the need to write more about John Lennon, but he holds such a reverent position in my mind it’s really hard for me to sit and write much about him. As a six year old Beatle fan, I remember vividly the morning of his death. My dad woke me from bed and we watched Tom Brokaw on the Today show deliver details of the shooting. I remember crying. Even at six years old, I knew how significant that was.

But I still grieve for the loss of John Lennon. My dad used to say that there are two people for whom he grieves, one is was my grandfather, his Father-in-Law, the other is John Lennon. They were two men from completely different generations who possessed amazing character and who’s departures from this very round and diverse world have left it that much flatter.

Happy birthday John, and good riddance Chris.

4 thoughts on “The World was Round Before Columbus, but Flatter After John Lennon.

  1. I thought is was 1742, just a few years before the pilgrims discovered the fountain of youth and the Vikings landed in the Mississippi.

    Okay, so you’re right. Clearly a typo considering that our country was actually born in 1776. Thanks for catching it. I’ll leave it as is, however, for all to appreciate.

    Thanks for the compliment too. I appreciate it.

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