So I spent the weekend in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for my college homecoming.

I know I saw a lot old friends there, but I only wish I could remember what we talked about. Let’s see, I remember spilling butter on Josh Johnson’s hardwood floor. That was nice. I’m sure he liked that. I remember losing at horseshoes to Beecher and Chris when Beech landed a ringer that rolled halfway up the lawn before stopping around the post. I remember Atle giving me passwords to the porn site he works for. I remember that a round of five or six beers/drinks is about $30 less in Cedar Rapids than it is in Chicago. I remember that because of this I spent even more money than I normally would because I was buying everyone drinks knowing that my cash would go farther. I remember not having any cash when I woke up the next day. I remember doing a shot of tequila with Ose and wishing I hadn’t almost immediately. I remember still tasting that tequila the next day. I remember driving a golf ball about 20 yards from the green on a hole listed at 370-some yards. I remember the Kulbartz brothers, V-Dub, and Marcus sticking the pin in the green about 25 yards away from the actual hole. I remember Kite driving the green on a 327 yard par four. I remember cracking my first beer at around noon on both Friday and Saturday, and not stopping until morning. I remember beating Sheldon and Lambert at pool three or four times in a row. I remember Slappy having a nice shirt. I remember eating five soft taco supremes at 2:00 in the morning. I remember taking a lot of pictures with Beth’s camera. I remember Deb’s mom unbuttoning my shirt. I remember selling tickets to T-Lane’s gun show. I remember throwing corn nuts at Rericha’s mouth after we’d already used them as poker chips. I remember wishing I were dead on the drive back to Chicago. I remember Bushy freaking out girls with the Tiger. I remember driving the truck back to the hotel to take care of some paper work. I remember sticking Ben and Rericha with most of the cab fare when they dropped me off at the hotel. And I remember very little other than that.

3 thoughts on “Homecoming…the Monday after.

  1. Mike, don’t forget the tartar sauce. Or maybe you already did. Rica got some of that on me, and various other places in Josh’s house such as the couch. But most of it on the side of your head as far as I could tell. My body has a hard time operating today, I’m worn out.

    Great to see you again, playing mexican again was awesome. Been maybe 4-5 years since I’ve had a mex cup in my hand.

  2. I have absolutely no recollection of the tarter sauce. That might be for the best.

    Likewise, it was great to see you too. What a fun weekend. Let’s hope we all stay in touch.

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