Within the administrative sections of WordPress blogs, there are all sorts of lists of stats that tell the owner of that blog how many views each post gets a day, and so on. But one of the other things it tells you is the Google searches that have led web surfers to your site.

The following are actual things that people typed into Google, and from this they were provided a link to my blog, and for whatever reason, they clicked on the link.

How do you spell monkey
nudist friends (this one was googled in some other language too)
a picture of a guy all tied up in bed (I’m not making these up, I swear.)
Liver Flush 2005
mini-ditka (I’m the top link on this one.)

There are also a few other Google searches for things like “why is the world round” or “nick names.” Stuff like that. I get kick outta the fact that there are people looking for nudists and finding me.

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