Yesterday I was reading some of the new posts as they came up on my WordPress Dashboard. I spotted this one. After reading the different personality types and placing myself into several of the categories, I felt that there were some personality types missing. So I thought I’d do my part to make the list more complete.

The Slacker
You are a lazy, no good, freeloading, porn surfer. You’d rather lick the inside of an empty Dorito bag than make a sandwich. The jobs you manage to get are generally lost within the first fifteen minutes of your employment. You hardly move from the couch and have been known to pee in a bottle to keep from moving. You would make a great paper weight, dead body actor, or United States president.

The Stalker
You tend to blend into woodwork at social gatherings. You’re omnipresent without being noticed. You often find yourself in bushes and on long car drives that end only when the car you’re tailing parks. Your idea of a nice weekend is not having a restraining order served to you. You often feel misunderstood and feel you can best express your feelings through kidnap and unlawful restraint. You would make a great private investigator, horror novelist, or daycare operator.

The Toolbox
You’re basically an attention demanding, tactless, loud, obnoxious dorkchop. You like to let people know that you once scored four touchdowns in the first half of a freshman football game. You often forget to mention that you were four years older than the other freshmen due to you having been held back four times in the fourth grade. You also wear the number four, but aren’t sure why. You’ve been known to be the life of the party, but don’t realize that no one is laughing with you, only at you. You assume everyone likes you, and though you think you have a lot of friends, you’re probably very sad and lonely. But you repress this completely and act like a total jackass most of the time. You would make a great toll-booth attendant, small town butcher, or late-night talk show sidekick.

The Nudist
You tend to be nude a lot. You don’t often wear clothes and seem to enjoy being naked. Your idea of well-dressed is a fancy hat. When law officials attempt to strip search you, they actually have to dress you first. You’re what some people call a naturist. You are very comfortable in your own skin, even though most others are extemely uncomfortable looking at it. You would make a great art school model, University of California at Berkley professor, or sunscreen tester.

Who can add to this list?

17 thoughts on “Personality types revisted. Are you The Nudist?

  1. I’d like to add one πŸ™‚

    The Lamer

    You are always curious to know things that you are not supposed to know or things that you cannot handle (practically, you are too dumb). People warn you over and over but you still dont give up. You keep nagging people for things like “Teach me how to hack” and “Please tell me how to upload a trojan to my friend’s PC”. People disgrace you for being an annoyance but you still dont give up and try hard. Usually you end up getting your internet subscription cancelled by your ISP. Bad-sectors, viruses and other malware find it very easy to make home in your hard-drive.

  2. A ha! An excellent question:

    The Blogger

    You have either way too much free time on your hands, or you owe the company for which you work some serious money back for your time spent writing blogs, searching other blogs, and/or commenting on other blogs as well as on the comments left by other bloggers about your blog. Your ability to write a complete discourse on the difference between Oatmeal and Malt-O-Meal is beyond reproach. You have seen pictures of girls before and hope to one day meet one. Or, conversely, guys constantly refer to you as the nerdy, hot librarian type. You would make a great night watchman, Maytag repair person, or multi-million dollar software corporation CEO.

  3. The Looper
    You tend to smell like petrol and look like you have just been in a fight, which you lost. Of a weekend you can usually be found close to alleyways scaring the scary people. You have one mate called Ron who appears when your alone, he thinks your a top man. You have an intermittent twitch which makes you look like your being poked in the spine with a piece of splintered corrugated steel. You would make a great moving target, a good accomplice to The Stalker or a fine door to door insurance sales man.

  4. The Party Animal
    You act like a real feast beast once you got a beer in your hand, but in your spare time, you’re still addicted to smoking which you also do on gigs to impress your friends and girls. Because of all the consumption, you’re always short of money, and tend to be greedy because of that. While you always “borrow” a cigarette from someone else, you never allow somebody to smoke one from you, and the same thing goes for alcohol. When you’re not wasted, you’re hungover, and lazy. Chatting with people on MSN is all you seem to care about. Furthermore, you’re making a mess of your school, and seem to create pleasure in pissing off authorities. A rebel without a cause, only you are taking it too far.

    Hmmm futile attempt πŸ˜›

  5. No, no! A fine attempt, Wybe. Sounds like you might know something about it even.

    I hate to say it, but I’m still not certain what a Looper is. (I know that a golf caddy is called a looper, but somehow I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about.) Though I sort of know what it takes to be one now. And though it reminds me of a girl I dated in high school, I’d love a further explanation.

  6. The Victim
    You are taking at least one anti-depressant, and have modified the dosage yourself. Therapy, 12 step groups, and family counseling have helped, but you are sure there’s more. You met your last three lovers, and current spouse on the internet. You are a great online personality. It is always a complete surprise to you when your lovers turn out to be doorstops who are incapable of expressing themselves in person. You have AIM on your mobile telephone, but have never used it. You have a portable computer that you never take out of the house. You would make an excellent junior high school guidance councilor, teacher’s aid, or associate minister of almost any church.

    The Expert
    While you are not actually a part of the development team, you frequent at least one technical message board and contribute to it avidly. You reply to new and inexperienced users with what appears to be hatred and disdain for the most part, but will inexplicably offer kindness and feckless support to those who seem to be female, and somewhat helpless. You are a Republican, and damn proud of it. Though you have never been in the military, you like to share your ideas about bare handed death techniques and assault rifles with anyone who gets stuck listening to you. You would make a superb field rep for Waste Management, but you are best suited to the IT field.

    The Hippie
    You think way too much about what other people are doing, and spend almost no time examining your own behavior. You are a semi retired foot bag champion, and an excellent juggler. You either drive an SUV or a Toyota Hybrid. You disagree with most everyone, unless you want to have sex with them, and rarely let anyone get a complete opinion out with out either interrupting them with your own feelings, or changing the subject entirely. You don’t really need a bath per se, but you could use some grooming tips. You would make an excellent police officer, city council member, or homeless person.

  7. “Looper” is Irish slang for someone who’s a bit… out there. The Irish and Northern Irish definitions differ slightly, a suitable Northern Irish one is given below:

    Looper (a): mad person, nutter, crazy – That one is a bit of a ‘looper’. She’s ‘looped out of it’ the crazy wench

    I found a website containing lots of good Irish slang
    , most of which I never heard before. (I need to get out more.) Some of my favorite sayings/slang words:

    As rough as a bear’s arse
    As sick as a small hospital
    As useful as a cigarette lighter on a motorbike.
    As useless as tits on a bull

    Bingo wings (n): flabby underarms on a woman
    Drink Link (n): a bank ATM
    Erection section (n): slow set at a disco
    Gobshite (n): idiot

    There are other which are funny as feck but are a wee bit coarser, specially the ones filed under the letter I

    I never hear of this one before but I nearly fell of my chair laughing, its a wee bit rude:

    – Bean flicker

    Getting back to the word looper, I found one other reference, which I have to admit is a bit on the strange side:
    From the Racial Slur Database – looper


    Hope this helps,

  8. Mikey: “No, no! A fine attempt, Wybe. Sounds like you might know something about it even.”

    wow thanks πŸ˜‰ Even though I’m a year late in my reply, I think it’s a funny remark. I’ve had my share πŸ˜‰

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