I went bowling last night. Chicago Bull center Eddy Curry was bowling in the lane next to us. He’s tall. I mean I’m sort of tall, but he’s tall. And who knew that they made white t-shirts that big. I mean it was big. And for being such a tall and big man, he’s quite gentle with a bowling ball. He had a soft touch. This is nice to see and all, but still slightly disturbing. I guess it is nice to know that such a big man can have a delicate side. But then again, this guy is paid to go up against the likes of Shaquille O’Neal. You can’t be a gentle giant and expect to be successful.

I like Eddy Curry. And I know he’s got a bad heart which hopefully won’t cause him problems down the road, but watching him bowl was actually sort of telling. I mean when Shaq bowls, he probably lets that thing rip down the lane. That’s what I want to see Eddy do. Fire that ball toward those pins just like you need to fire your body toward Shaq when he comes down the lane. In the end, I think it safe to say that he plays basketball like he bowls: like a pussy.

That’s all there is to it. I should be a basketball coach. I’d just take my guys bowling.

3 thoughts on “The seven-ten split.

  1. Please don’t recommend that Eddy Curry endanger his back health by trying to hurl bowling balls violently down the lane. We’ve already got one big man with a suspect back. At any rate, I would imagine that his extremely high center of gravity forces him to take a more methodical approach in order to maintain balance. Besides, isn’t soft touch a good thing to have in basketball? Maybe we should wager on Shaq’s bowling style. I suspect it’s similar to Curry’s. Not sure how we’d find out, though…and a quick google search yielded no results.

  2. You may have a point. But Curry was also not wearing bowling shoes. Which could prevent a person from properly releasing a bowling ball.

    I reckon it’s hard to find a bowling alley that has boats to hold his dawgs.

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