So, as you may have noticed, I finally settled on a name for my blog. “Because the World Is Round.”

I should hold a contest to see who can tell me where I got that from. Of course, I don’t have anything to give away as a prize, so it would be a pretty meaningless contest. Therefore I’ll just tell you.

It’s the first line in the Beatle song Because. “Because the world is round it turns me on.” I had been struggling to find a name when that song popped up on my iPod. And then, like I said to Glenda, it hit me like a ton of toe nail clippings: that’s the name. So there you have it.

And I think it’s fitting for several reasons. First, I’m a huge Beatle fan. I wrote my senior thesis in high school on the Beatles and gave a speech in college about the “Paul is dead” theory. So if you wish to discuss, I’d be happy to.

The second reason the title is fitting is because the line itself is general enough to encapsulate everything that I might be likely to write about. I’m guessing that most of what I write about will be hard to fit under a specific category. But the fact is that the world really is round. So I can talk about anything that happens on it. Either to me or to others.

Really, there are a number more of reasons why I like the title, but all that matters is that it’s there now. Maybe now I’ll change all my categories to Beatle songs too. Or maybe albums with songs as subcategories.

I probably have too much time on my hands.

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