Remember Gary Hart? The former political playboy who ran for president so many years ago? What happened to him? Any one know?

How about Jane Byrne. Anyone remember her? She’s a former mayor of Chicago. The first female mayor of Chicago. She was proceeded by Harold Washington before the Richard M. Daley machine started it’s dynasty.

I once shook hands with Jane Byrne. It was at a street fest right in my old neighborhood. She was walking through a crowd and I happened to be standing right there with a handful of candy. She reached out to shake my hand and while transferring the candy from my right hand to my left hand, I dropped some of it. She looked down and said, “Oh, I think you dropped some candy, honey.”

I was probably eight years old at the time. I looked down at the candy and looked back up at her smiling face and said, “Shut up, bitch and quit worrying about my candy. Instead how ’bout you get some goddamn computers in my school and get those freakin’ gangs out. I know I dropped my candy. I’m holding it. I’m not an idiot. But if you keep funding Chicago Public Schools the way you are right now, I probably will be an idiot by the time I’m all grown up.”

No, no. I kid. I didn’t really say that. I actually just mumbled “thanks” or some crap like that and wandered off to find some ice-cream or something.

Anyway, the reason I was asking about Gary Hart and Jane Byrne is because I thought it would be awsome if Gary Hart ran for president again with Jane Byrne as her running mate.

Their bumper stickers would read: Hart-Byrne.


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